How to live a simple Christian Life

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Have you ever wanted to live a simple Christian life?

You are not alone. Many do admire to live a simple life. But let’s get this right first. Does living a simple Christian life have anything to do with being poor or rich?

 No. It's not. A Simple Christian life has nothing to do with wealth or poverty. Poverty is not the mark for a simple life or godliness. Likewise, wealth is not a recipe for confusion or a complicated life.

A simple and yet fulfilling Christian life is about:

          . Focusing your mind and heart in eternal treasures in the Kingdom of God.

           . Developing healthy relationships in your family circles.

           . Living a holy spirit filled Christian life.

           . Prudently managing finances to avoid spiraling debts.

           . Creating time to meditate and listen to the voice of your master in heaven.

            . Developing a clear vision and meaning in your life.

            . Beating anxiety and the spirit of despair by filling with contentment and hard work.

            . Growing daily in wisdom and full potentiality of endowments God gifted you.

A Christian living is not exhaustive with the above list. More of it is what you feel individually about how balanced your life is. How God has simplified your life making you a partaker of God’s peace, joy and prosperity. How your have been set free from sin, abusive relationship, financial prison and many more.

Temperance is key in living a rewarding and blossoming Christian living. The excesses of life necessities if unchecked will invite habitual boredom, greed, the desire for recognition which may cloud your relationship with God.

So Simple Christian living in essence is adding nothing to Christ creative abilities. It’s all about deeply immersing our thoughts in things above. Adoring, thanking God and developing in us a spirit filled heart and mind.

However, danger lucks in believing that a simple life saves us from trials and suffering. Since Christ is on your side does not necessarily mean that life is always blissful. It does not mean God knows you better. It has never been. It will never be.

Thorns exist between the roses. The bitter experiences may cloud your sight from seeing radiance of the sun rise or sun set.  Even watching a water fall may be to you a dreary scenic in life as you curse God for why you were born. Is your family life in shambles? Is your heart aching in unfulfilled goals?

Never give up. Do not curse your creator Yahweh. Job didn’t. He praised God even in all afflictions. The Holy Spirit comforted Him and gave him wisdom to discover the wonder mystery and joy of God. Human beings have a tendency of wanting things just occur miraculously. Things have a way of working themselves out. Time is the key with the Eyes of God in it.

The best miracle in a faithful Christian life is clothing your visions and dreams with action, effort, peace and joy of God.

This is a time bomb for successful Christian living. People fail to recognize the presence of God in difficult life decisions and situations. Have trust in God’s abilities to heal and work wonders in your life. He answers your prayers for contentment.

Written: Isaac Kerich

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