Heart To Heart: Zintle Ntshikila

When Zintle Ntshikila saw pictures of herself in a yellow stretch boob-tube dress at the 2011 J&B Met, she hit her breaking point. She was a size 106kg and she couldn't believe it. She cried for three days straight. During that time, she realised that she was not living the life that God designed for her and that her weight was a challenge. She choose to rely on God,  the support of her family and friends and yes strangers too win the her battle over weigh problems. Here is her encouragement to all of us.

Inside Woman: Please tell us about your relationship with Jesus? How did that come about?

Zintle Ntshikila: I have accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior. His blood took away all my sins. This came about when I looked back at my life and appreciated certain things I have achieved in life.

Inside Woman:  Can you define how you understand the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Zintle Ntshikila: The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ teaches us to know that he has taken away our suffering. All we must do is to have faith in Him, repent and abide by His Word.

Inside Woman: What is Jesus teaching you about Love?

Zintle Ntshikila: Jesus has taught us to love one another unconditionally.

Inside Woman: When you love, you also love your body. Is this the reason why you embarked on your weigh loss journey?

Zintle Ntshikila: Our body is the temple of the Lord, and we were made in His image. With the Lord everything must be appreciated. Wake up in the morning and say thank you Lord for giving me this body.

Inside Woman: What was your biggest hurdle in your weigh loss journey, and how did your faith in God help you to overcome?

Zintle Ntshikila: My biggest hurdle was negative comments from people who were saying I looked terrible now that I  have lost weight. They said I looked better when I was fat. When I started my race, I believed that I was running this race to win and I asked the Lord to walk with me.  As it is said that if you ask anything in the name of our Lord and Savior it is given to you  (John 14:14). 

Inside Woman: What do you think is the best way to cultivate a healthy body image?

Zintle Ntshikila: To cultivate a healthy body image is to do the right thing- eat healthy, exercise be faithful do not cheat.

Inside Woman: What have been the benefits of your weigh loss?

Zintle Ntshikila: The benefits of my weight loss is that I do not live a lonely, personal life. Healthy living is something that my whole family believes in and that has brought us together. 

Inside Woman: What role has your husband played in this journey of your life?

Zintle Ntshikila: My husband is very supportive. He encourages me all the way with praises and messages of support.

Inside Woman: What is your family teaching you about love and sacrifice?

Zintle Ntshikila: My family is teaching me that we can do all things if we are in Christ because He gives us courage and strength.

Inside Woman: How are you helping your children to develop a healthy eating mindset?

Zintle Ntshikila: I prepare health Lunch boxes for my children and I involve them when buying and preparing food.

Inside Woman: You started #TeamHlasela on Instagram. Please tell us about it? 

Zintle Ntshikila: Well, I never really intended to be an inspirer/motivator. I was just a simple girl who has never been on social media but felt could do with a bit of “watchers” to make sure that I keep on track. I wanted to hold myself accountable, by explaining why I didn't share any of my daily 3 meals, why my scale weight was going down every week, how I did at the gym and how I kept myself motivated. Before I knew it it had 3000 followers and that's when I really started to feel the heat. Most importantly what kept me going was the comments of the ladies, mothers, little girls and to my surprise, the guys. These were people who could relate to my story and the challenges I went through daily. It has now stopped being about me and it has become a movement for people to share their challenges and how they overcome them.  And the people thank me for the daily push I give them. I always gives examples to show them that it is all possible to change your direction and change your family's lifestyle like I did.

Inside Woman: What sets you apart from other health coaches?  

Zintle Ntshikila: What sets me apart from other health coaches is that I tell people that this is my journey and they have to start their own journey, And while they are on this journey, I will walk with them. I will not leave them or forsake them.

Inside Woman: Many of us when we gain weight we tend to blame food but food is not the problem. Do you agree? 

Zintle Ntshikila: I found that people blame or rather divert to food for comfort. Then they start living in shame when they realise that people can see that they don't have discipline. And so they start making all kinds of reasons why they cant keep on track and stay consistent. I have learned that as a woman, if your family is not adopting this lifestyle with you, then you are going to have difficulty sticking to your goals. 

Inside Woman: I know some people who have lost weight but still feel fat. What is your advice to them? 

Zintle Ntshikila: This is rather a tricky and complicated question for me too. I still feel I could lose more but because of my sibling and mother who yell at me when I mention it, I try to see the positive and try to appreciate what I’ve achieved to this day.

Inside Woman: Losing weight is not easy. What do you say to a woman who's struggling to focus? 

Zintle Ntshikila: This is the most difficult task I’ve had to deal with in my whole life. It requires the toughest will power. Never underestimate the support you need along the way. People who love you will keep you on track when you feel you can’t do it no more. 

Inside Woman: There are so many women struggling to love themselves because they don't have so called 'perfect' bodies. What do you say to them?

Zintle Ntshikila: I believe there is no such thing as a perfect body. In God’s eyes we are all different and perfect in our own way.

Inside Woman: Finally, your top five motivation for leading a more kick-ass, healthy existence?

Zintle Ntshikila: Make this a lifestyle not a diet. The key is being willing, having a strong will power, being consistent and determined to finish what you started.

Inside Woman: How can we get hold of you? 

Zintle Ntshikila: I’m reachable on email: teamhlasela@gmail.com

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