Ideas to stretch yourself just a little bit more

Monday, January 25, 2016

We’re all trying to flourish, get through, dodge the bumps in the road  and stay lifted up. Wherever we’re at and whoever we’re with, there are some rules that makes us better Christ followers.

Here are some ideas to stretch yourself just a little bit more:

- God is love and He loves you. His love is gentle, quiet, yet firm. His love is supportive, unquestioning in its loyalty and impossible to disappoint. Learn to love yourself the same way and love others that way. 

- Look for unmerited divine assistance in your life. God is not holding back on you. God's help is always available to you. Seek it, desire it and receive it daily. 

We all have a history. We've all make made mistakes. Ask God to help you to move on, let go so that you can be able to see new things with fresh eyes, and not through a filter that is dusty with hurts and heartaches of the past. Expect good things in your life. 

- We are all human. Don’t shy away from your own humanity - unworthiness - by pretending you don’t struggle with the same things hat others struggle with. Your life is a testimony of God's goodness. Let His light shine. 

- There’s nothing wrong with being wrong. Sometimes it’s the only way you can know what’s right. Don’t worry about being wrong. Worry that you’ll hang to ‘wrong’ for so long that you’ll never realise how ‘right’ things can be.

People are meant to be with people. Relationships can bring out our best or bring out our worst. The best people to be with are the ones who inspire us to explore God's ways and change if we want to. 

- If you have done something unknowingly to hurt somebody, ask them, talk about it and if need be, apologise. But if the relationship is not repaired, you have a right to walk away from it. Learn to have peace. 

- Listen, without planning your response. People can tell if you were really listening or if you were formulating answers while they they were talking. Forget about trying to be interesting – that will come when you show interest in what someone has to say, and when it does come it will be effortless.

- You will disappoint people. And they’ll disappoint you. But if you live to please everyone, you are not going to make it. Let your decisions be guided by God's love and wisdom and not someone else’s conditions of acceptance of you.

- There’s nothing wrong with being open to the influence of the people around you, but ‘the way you do you’ is for you to decide. Your have the mind of Christ - it is strong and beautiful and shouldn’t be caged. Healthy relationships support independent thought. They don’t crush it.

- The best view of ourselves is the one through the eyes of the people who love us. The closer our opinion of ourselves is to this, the more confident and world-ready we will be.

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