Gratitude is a powerful cure for greed


The Bible talks about God’s ability and desire to satisfy or to make us full. The problem often comes when what God provides does not satisfy because we are not content with enough.

Proverbs 27:20 says, “Death and Destruction are never satisfied, and neither are human eyes.”

We live in a society that breeds discontent. Advertisers foster this sense of dissatisfaction by promising greater happiness with their products. And too often, we foolishly fall into their trap without realizing it.

Greed is born out of discontent with our current supply.

Not being able to afford all that we need can easily create a feeling of dissatisfaction.  And from then on fear consumes us. On the other hand, buying them burdens us, and we may find ourselves overwhelmed by the financial bondage. Without realising it, we start to long for more money, complain about how little we have or how hard things are financially, and feel that we do not yet have the “essentials.”

That car isn’t good enough...we need the new one. Our house isn’t good enough...we need that house. Our job isn’t good enough...we need another one. And more than likely...they were good enough...until we saw the better one...and the desire for more crept in and took root.

Once the desire for more creeps in it doesn’t matter how much good stuff is going on in our just isn’t enough.

I'ts not the possession of material things that injures us but rather our attitudes toward them. Those of us who have enough for our needs must constantly guard against false expectations and warped attitudes. Dissatisfaction with what we have and eager anticipation of what we might buy next are subtle manifestations of greed.

No matter how little or how much we make we see a desire to get and consume more.

But over and over again, the Bible reminds us that our desire for more causes us to miss the blessings of God.

It is discontent that opens up our heart to many of the unhealthy habits in our lives.

Of course, living comfortably isn’t a sin.

Gratitude is a powerful cure for greed.

Gratitude always requires our attention to be focused on the good things we already possess. It calls us to notice our blessings and take greater appreciation of them. As a result, our eyes are turned away from the things that are fostering the discontent in our hearts.

Look at what you have not what you don’t have. Make the most of it. Learn to be content with what you own.

As awareness of the gifts and love of God deepen within us, we begin to put our lives in eternal perspective.