In His hands, you mess has meaning

Every day is God’s gift of a fresh, clean opportunity to live according to His will. When we acknowledge God's supreme role in our life ... He enables us to be women of hope.

We don’t have to get everything right and we don’t have to be perfect either which is possible in this life anyway.  God chooses women with rough pasts and dauntless attitudes to get a hard job done.  Many times we disqualify ourselves based on our wrong choices, or the flaws we see in our personalities.

So many of us disqualify ourselves because of insecurity and fear.  

Maybe you are feeling cast aside, maybe you have been overlooked in the past, maybe you are not as spiritual as the Facebook "preacher".  Never mind all of that. Look unto Jesus! 

He sees all of you and still He sees potential. He sees as vessel that He can use for His Glory! 

My sister in the Lord, in God’s hands, your life has meaning and purpose. You can do ALL the things that God wants you to do, through Christ who strengthens you. 

Hallelujah! Glory be to God!

Stop letting your past define you,  stop letting your mistakes dictate to you.  God is always refining you, working through you to accomplish His purposes. In His hands, you mess has meaning.

God sees your life as meaningful and full of purpose for whatever He wants you to do to successfully serve Him. Through your imperfections or disabilities, you can still do great and wonderful things for God. 

You don’t have to be perfect or have it together. As broken as you are, God will still use you for His Glory. You can never be worthless in His eyes. 

We serve a good God.  He knows and loves us with an everlasting and all consuming love despite our wrongs and imperfections.  For those times, in which we fall short, God is there to meet us halfway.  Or better yet more than halfway. His Grace is MORE than sufficient. 

Be free in Jesus name!