You are not here by accident

1 Chronicles 12:32 says, "…the sons of Issachar, who understood the times and knew what Israel, should do."

How do we gain an awareness of our calling? It gets hammered out gradually in the process of living your Christian life honestly.

You have been given specific opportunities and specific people whose lives you touch. There are various needs in the world and in the body of Christ in your time and place.

Every age has its unique challenges, and those who understand the times tend to be relevant. Anyone who is seeking to influence people for Christ, has to know the culture and discover the best way to reach that culture.

God calls his children into Christ, powerfully speaking so the dead come to life, the deaf hear, the blind see, the willful are humbled.

Knowing what to do can give a person the edge. Not knowing what to do can get throw you under a bus.

God wants us to understand the times and what needs to be done in midst of each situation and season.  If we do not understand the times and what God is doing, we will not know what to do.

Let us open our spiritual ears and hear what the Spirit is saying to us. Now is the acceptable time.

You are not here by accident, but you have a call on your life. The call that God has given you is something unique and no one will ever do exactly what God has called you to do.

So each day, in each situation, you have the opportunity to do and say constructive things that no other human being could do or say. In the loving hands of God, your life is custom-designed and custom-built. And we will all fit together in the end. Every hand will do its work. Every voice will sing its part.

This is your calling. Obey.

We are not here to please people but God and one day we will give account to Him for how we have fulfilled the calling God has given us.