God wants YOU to take your rightful place

God placed within women divine qualities of virtue,strength and love. One of your precious, unique and sublime gifts is your femininity, with its natural grace, goodness, and divinity.

Your true nature is fearless because it lives for one reason only: to be the unflagging instrument -- moment-to-moment -- of who God is.

Our world is filled with out of place people, who do not know their role in today's world.  Today, we are faced with the struggle of  many people who have lost their God-given identity.

There is a plan for your life and God wants YOU to take your rightful place.

As women, we have been strategically placed in our cities, communities and families to be part of the solutions. We must use our talents in every way we can, because it will take the best that is in each of us to make headway in solving the problems of the world today.

Women have a unique approach to effecting change because they’re dreamers, and they have special abilities to cooperate with each other.

That’s why I try to help women heighten their awareness of their unique gifts and stimulate their dreams so that they  experience a deeply fulfilling role.

What about you? If the women in your life were to describe the effect and power, what would they say? Do you encourage them? Do you affirm them? Do you speak words that cheer them on?

It is so important for women who have more freedom and opportunities to raise use your gifts and talents for good instead of evil.

You have important work to do within yourself and in the world. Take yourself seriously. Reflect deeply on your life and understand your history.

Taking our rightful place means getting back to our first love, Jesus. We were not created to be in conflict with God or His creation, but to live in union and harmony on the earth. God opened Himself to complete fellowship with women so that we could truly rule and reign with Him as his earthly representative.

Taking our rightful place in the world, as women, is crucial.