Dreams were made to be realised

One of life's toughest realities is dealing with a dream deferred!  I don’t know what your dreams are but I know that sometimes our dreams get covered over, sometimes they feel like they are buried underground. 

As we grow older, the shine of youth fades and many of us give up on dreaming and accept a supposedly less than perfect vision for our future.

The book of Proverbs 13:12 says, "hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life". With hope displaced we can be on a never ending roller coaster ride of hopelessness. 

To make matters worse, others might diminish your dreams and tell you that you need to face reality and accept the fact that you don’t have time to pursue the deeper things in your heart. 

For many of us who were headed to the top with  visions of changing the world, an ordinary life of paying bills is such a let-down that we often distract ourselves by any means necessary, sedating the pang of disappointment and failure.

Dreams were made to be realised.

A dream deferred is a violation of who we are as dreamers. That’s because God made all of us to be dreamers, and He placed within us deep desires to achieve, to express uniqueness, to make a contribution.

Remember also that God has a dream for the whole of creation. It was a dream of genuine and holistic goodness, a dream of connection, and of loving relationship.

But somewhere in that goodness, sin entered and set about the diabolical task of undermining our relationships with one another, or connection to the earth, our connection to God – trying to kill the divine dream of God.

We see throughout the Biblical record that when God has a dream, though it tarry, though it delay, though it even be deferred, God refuses for the divine dream to die, and against all odds, God continued to dream.

And who would we become without our dreams? Troubled as we may be, we MUST not abandoned our dreams. 

God is ultimately the only safe place for your hopes and dreams. Give Him your dreams and desires and watch as He unfolds this life for you. 

Dreams may be delayed, dejected, and even deferred. But if God has given you a dream that dream can never be defeated. Don't give up.