The effort is in the surrender

Many of us are very aware that the biggest messes we've made were when we thought we were in control or we were desperately trying to grasp for control.

Sadly, our efforts to cling and to control often fail us.

obedience requires us to lay aside again and again the plans we had made for ourselves.

In order to fully live with Christ, we must die to selves, surrender daily.

God's desire is to bring us into an abundant life, to join us to His eternal life that the He shares with the Spirit and the Son – not only in heaven, but now and here, in our daily lived experience.   (John 10:10)

This abundant life is available to all of us who have allowed Jesus Christ to be Lord.  God has not hidden it or made it hard for us.  And yet so many of us have failed to realise it or experience it.

How can we say we know Him and yet we have never experienced this abundant life?

Maybe it is because we do not know how to abide, how to live in union with him, so that his life becomes our life, his strength our strength, his love our love.

The secret lies in handing ourselves over to God and in trusting God completely to do in us and through us what we cannot do for ourselves.

Jesus says, “abide in me as I abide in you. Join your life to mine, and my life will be yours".

This is the secret Jesus gives us, the secret of our own fulfillment and of great joy, and of deep and abiding contentment.

The effort is in the surrender.

This life is a gift – not to be earned, but received – the gift of living in union with God.

There is freedom, authority, and the outpouring of joy in saying “YES” to God.

Surrendering is so much more than bended knee or bowed head. It is letting go of abilities, personal preferences, and expectations for how God will call or use us.

God says: stop trying to do it on your own. Die to yourself, your pride, your ambitions, your pain, faults, and fears.

So, I encourage you today to stop being a committed Christian and start being a surrendered Christian. Live in His Presence.  You will find it to be a way that leads to peace and contentment, to joy and delight.

If you are struggling with total surrender to God, talk to God about it.

To obey when it seems the hardest is true surrender to God. This will awaken God's Spirit within you and subdue your pride/flesh.

Our Father, may your will be done, in our lives, as it is in heaven.