All we have to do is enjoy God

Today we as believers in Christ are heirs of grace, and this is not because of our working, striving, merits, or deeds, but because of God giving everything He has to us in Christ.

As believers in Christ, we were born through grace (not by works), we need to grow in grace, we are heirs of grace, we obey in grace, and we have grace multiplied to us until we are rich in grace.

Because of everything that God has done, we simply need to enjoy God. We don’t need to do anything in ourselves or seek anything outside of ourselves. God has prepared everything for us and He is pleased to give us everything in Christ.

Too many Christians are struggling to live their Christian life apart from the enjoyment of Christ. Too many genuine believers do all kinds of work “for God”, yet without the enjoyment of Christ.

If we reject God’s grace, if we do not enjoy the Lord day by day, we nullify God’s grace, we are brought to nought, we are separated from Christ, and we are deprived of all profit from Christ (Gal. 2:21; 5:4).


We need to cease from the effort of our natural life and simply be open and available to enjoy grace. When we stop our doing things by ourselves we start to enjoy and inherit all that God has given to us in Christ as grace.

We need to be empowered in the grace which is in Christ (2 Tim. 2:1) and be confirmed by grace (Heb. 13:9), enjoying the Lord to the uttermost.

Apart from Christ and His grace we can do nothing and we are nothing (John 15:4-5). We need to cleave to Christ, enjoy Him all the time, and allow nothing to confiscate or replace our enjoyment of Christ (see Col. 2:18). Then, whenever God requires us to obey Him in something, grace will enable us to obey God and the provision will be there.

When we enjoy Christ, even if we lack the proper standing, we still need to enjoy grace. As long as we enjoy the grace of God, God will grant us His rich provision and we will be rich in grace. God will also bring us to the place where He wants us to be, and He will fulfill His purpose through us.

Then, in His time and in His way, He will use our circumstances to bring us back to the proper standing for the fulfillment of His purpose.

How wonderful! All we have to do is enjoy God as grace and be rich in grace, and God will take care of everything! All we need to remember is to be rich toward God by enjoying Him as grace upon grace all day long.

By Dick Taylor excepts from The Holy Word for Morning Revival.