Stop and Let God Work Himself into You Today

In our daily living as Christians many times – too many times! – we live and do things in our flesh according to our good intentions to please God and do things for Him.

We have our own “Hagars”, the efforts of our flesh – even our spiritual flesh! – that we use to do things for God. When we preach the Gospel, we may speak the right words – but do we do it as an overflow of the life of God from within, or do we do it because “we need to save sinners for God”? The proper fruit-bearing and gospel preaching, according to the New Testament, is by the overflow of the inner life.

We need to let God work Christ into us, through us, and out of us so that the Gospel may be our way of living, spontaneously flowing out of us. God doesn’t need our fleshly effort to accomplish His purpose. God doesn’t need our natural ability to achieve His goal.

The efforts of our flesh to please God and do things for Him according to the law produce Ishmael, something that is rejected by God (see Gal. 4:30). When we seek to be justified by the law by keeping the law and striving to fulfill God’s word in our natural man, we are separated from Christ and have fallen from grace (Gal. 5:4).

In Abraham’s case God waited until he was 99 years old, until it was humanly impossible for him and Sarah to have a seed, and then He came in. If we don’t stop, God will wait.


Stop and Let God Work Himself into You Today!

It is not about merely knowing that “we need to stop and live Christ”; we need to open to the Lord in prayer and cooperate with Him little by little and day by day by allowing Him to work Himself into us.

The end of humanity is the beginning of divinity. When our human life ends, the divine life begins. (Life-study of Genesis, p. 624)

However, we cannot “stop ourselves”; we are on the “go-go-go” all the time, and the flesh is very active – whether we like it or not. We need to see that the produce of the effort of the flesh is something rejected by God, no matter how “good” it may seem outwardly (see Gen. 17:18-19; 21:10-12a; Gal. 4:30).

The time will come when this will become the reality in our daily living. Today we are learning to live in this way, opening to the Lord constantly in short and fresh prayers to Him, coming to Him as we are based on His judicial redemption and dealing with anything that His light exposes in us.

God doesn’t need our strong natural life with its abilities – He needs us as redeemed vessels to be open to receive His continual flow of grace. We have received Christ by faith; now we need to live by faith by continually receiving the flow of grace.

Written by bro. Ron Kangas’