Let God love you

Have you ever wondered why we always build up all these defenses and have all these distractions against the very thing that is going to free us?

What thing?

Well it's actually not a thing but rather God's love!

Why is it so hard to allow God to love us?

This is a very difficult principle for some people to get and follow.  We don’t feel worthy of His love.  We can’t seem to get past our own sinfulness.  We don’t feel that our performance is good enough.

We have been taught that God hates sin.  Yet in our minds we think: if He hates sin and I sin then He must have hated me.

We’re such complex beings who often have a history of pain or alienation, so that it is actually an effort to allow God to do what He does best: love us!

When we accept love and accept grace and know God's embrace as a reality, the natural reaction is to love.


The simple truth is that God's love frees us from frivolous pursuits. It frees us from systems and practices that are rooted in "should" rather than true desires.

We must understand that obedience doesn’t produce relationships, but love does.  Father God longs to love each of us to such a level that we would live and serve Him out of a place of full devotion as the natural response to his overwhelming affections for us.

So great is God's love for us that he makes himself available for us to abide in him. So great are his affections for us that we could have him abiding in us. If we will pursue love above all else, we will discover a wellspring of simplicity and life rooted in wholehearted devotion to the God of love.

The best way to love Him in return is to open our hearts and let Him love us. Let Him draw close to you and feel Him close to you. Rather than switching to your love for Him. Enjoy God's Love. Rest in God's Love. Receive God's Love. You can only receive God's love to the degree to which you allow God to love you, regardless of the amount of love God has for you. Let God love you.

God is love, and a relationship with him will transform you into a love giver.

Scripture to remember: "God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him" (I John 4:16)