Quotes From Our Heart to Heart Interviews

This has been an amazing year for us here at Inside Woman Online. God has kept us to the vision and yes we are still working it out being mindful of the times. We have had the pleasure of interviewing so many awesome women of God that are truly impacting the world with the love of Christ. Everyone of their ministries or focus exists  to encourage, empower, and equip women of God by striving to meet the Jesus standard of a true, godly woman.

Here is a round up of all our favourite thoughts from eleven of them. You can read our heart to heart interviews with them here.

11 Quotes From Our Heart to Heart Interviews:

Every piece in the puzzle has its own unique place. And when we bring our differences together on the table with an aim of moving each other forward and not competing, we get to know and understand that God is not a respecter of persons. My pastor (Musa Motloung) always says: “He won’t take my blessings and give it to someone else”. Our paths are different and so is our destinies –  Nonhlanhla Mnisi

Have a strong relationship with God. Have a strong sense of connection to yourself because that is something that is constantly being tested, particularly if you are a woman. There are many men who will question why you are in your position. But you have to have the confidence to be in the role that you are in – Phuti Mahanyele

I see a woman who knows her power and stance in God. She knows her ability in her career and her society. She knows that her words and actions are seeds that she sows so she uses them in a way that builds and does not tear down. I see a woman, who balances her life; who knows that family is just as important as having a successful career. I also see a woman who does not feel diminished by her role to nurture and serve but feels empowered by it. I see a woman who serves as much as she leads – Lebogang K Maruapula

We all have unique gifts and talents. If I try to imitate other women I will be their echo and I’m robbing myself of an opportunity to be used by God in the ministry that He has for me. When God calls you, He will also give you an audience that will listen to you and be specifically impacted by you. God will also empower you to excel in what He has called you to do. Once we recognise what God has done for us and is doing through us we won’t feel threatened by other women. We will support each other and the Grace of God is sufficient for all of us – Patience Mlengana 

I would recommend that they stop letting fear bind them up and walk confidently in the direction God is leading them in. You’re only stopped by the limitations you’ve built in your own mind. Shut up the lies about you floating through your mind. The ones telling you you’re not enough. Continue to obey God in the little things and you’ll soon find that they lead to the bigger things because those who are faithful over few will soon be given the opportunity to be faithful with many. Believe in yourself – Brittney Moses

Never loose hope no matter how dark the clouds may be. Trust God whole hardheartedly. Do all that you can and never stop praying. Learn to forgive. Love yourself no matter what. Never be ashamed to ask for help and never stop smiling no matter how hurtful your situation may seem. The Word of God is life, stand on it in and out of season. Ephesians 6: 10-13 and Psalm 125 always kept me going – Nomfundo Ndziweni

Forgiveness for me is the ability to release everything that may hold you back from enjoying God’s peace and ultimately being at a place of rest. It is power given unto us to untangle ourselves from crippling situations. It is letting go and letting God deal with it – Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini

The body of Christ needs to be governed by the Word. There is a lot of “umazenzela” these days – believers live according to their own will and not that of God. We need to set an example to the non-believers. They need to look at us and think: “wow I need that God of Khanyi, look at the way she carries herself, she is amazing”. We need to take care of the widows and orphans as the Word instructs us. We need to tithe as instructed so that we receive abundance and this will attract people to the kingdom. Let’s not be hypocrites preaching a Word we don’t practice – Nokukhanya Zungu

Know the God you are serving and spend time doing the things that concern Him so that you will not go astray or be deceived easily. Serve God with all that you are, seek Him first and all the things you desire will be added unto you – Ndo Dlakadla

It is my belief that success is realised when you are able to balance everything. i.e. family, friends, career, spirituality and extracurricular activities, etc. Secondly you know you have achieved success when those around you are inspired. Never consider yourself a success if those around you are not successful or inspired by your passion for what you do or have achieved. I always say action + inspiration = SUCCESS – Khulile Mashaba Mtetwa

Know this Mme, the anointing for your life’s assignment is unique. When God created you He had a purpose in mind and provided the anointing (ability) to lead you to your appointment…making you who you are. Do not succumb to the devil’s agenda to block your anointing by poisoning your mind. YOU ARE WELL ABLE – Miranda Makgopela

Thank you for your support throughout the years, months and days. God bless you and yours this Christmas season.  May you fill your homes and your hearts with His peace and share the light and love of Christ with all who surround you. May the new year be kind. Declare and walk in His Grace. Blessings and more blessings in Jesus name.