Let's keep Christmas simple

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Christmas is upon us, and the spirit of love is in the air. This is meant to be a time of love, peace, joy and celebration.

The question of Christmas and its value and symbolism is always under serious scrutiny. And then alas! the realization dawns…it’s simply love. And that love, you have to be to others!

The true message of Christmas is found in John 3:16. Jesus said, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.”

This is the heart of Christmas. Jesus is God’s great love gift, because Jesus came to give His life that we might have life and “have it to the full” (John 10:10). Without a doubt, love came down at Christmas.

Now because Jesus loved us enough to die on the cross for our sins, what better Christmas gift could we give others than to share His love with them, that they might have life? Love is a gift our world desperately needs this Christmas season.

This really is the message of Christmas. It is the message that the darkness of bitterness, anger, and unhappiness in anyone, can be transformed into compassion, love, and peace.

In this world that message is often distorted and dishonored, but that is the heart of what Christ brought us. It is a message of such love that none of us can truly comprehend it. It is a message that tells us that no matter the suffering of the world, we can find goodness and peace in with God. In our darkest hour, God is there. In our greatest sadness, God is there.


This goes beyond our political beliefs. This is about who we are, and who we are called to be.

The simple message of Christmas is this. God loves you more than you can possibly imagine. Let go of all that you cling to, and belong “no longer to evil, but to good.”

We all fail. We all fall down. There is nothing you have done that will make God not love you. Nothing.

Let's not give way to cynicism and mutter that "Christmas has become commercialised." It never will be - unless you let it be in your.

Have you been saying, "I just can't seem to feel the Christmas spirit this year"? That's too bad. As a confession of lack of faith, it is rather significant. You are saying that you feel no joy that Jesus came into the world...You are confessing that His presence in the world is not a reality to you...Maybe you need all the more to read the Christmas story over again...sit down with Gospel of Luke and think about it.

So this Christmas season instead of trying to create the perfect Christmas by making an appearance at each Christmas event, and touring the lavishly abundant Christmas displays, let us keep it simple. In our Christmas setting, let us find the perfect Christmas by turning our eyes to the Saviour.

Let’s focus on our families and how we can get the most smiles out of this season built upon the light of our Savior. Let’s even be willing to spoil each other a little, spend some extra time together, and excel, without guilt, in the holy art of gift-giving.

Let's keep Christmas simple.


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