You Need To Protect Your Skin

Did you know that Bob Marley died officially due to malignant melanoma, a type of skin cancer that affects approximately 5% of people diagnosed with skin cancer. Melanoma is also attributed to over 75% of all skin cancer deaths each year.

It's true that dark skin is higher in the pigment melanin than light skin, which can provide some protection against skin cancer and aging. This is why fair-skinned people are more likely to get a sunburn, and to get skin cancer, than dark-skinned people. Yet it's possible for everyone, no matter how dark their skin color, to get both sunburns and skin cancer.

For safe summer fun, you need to protect your skin. Prevention means blocking not only UVB radiation, but UVA radiation, too.

Buy a sunscreen that is SPF 30 and above. It’s a matter of finding one that works with your skin and doesn’t leave a grey residue. You will age slower by wearing 30. if you're prone to redness, you may want to try a formula that contains a calming ingredient, like green tea extract.


What To Do

Eating the right foods can help us improve our skin from the inside out – even boosting the natural SPF of our skin! Foods that are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients and omega-3s can help to provide an added layer of protection for the skin from UV damage, and also help to prevent the signs of aging. Here are few things to do:

  • Adults need to apply a palmful of sunscreen every two hours.

  • If you can, avoid the sun completely from 10AM to 2PM and use a hat, light clothing, and sunglasses as your primary protection.

  • Stick to brightly colored fruits and veggies such as blueberries, strawberries, and red, yellow, and orange peppers.

  • The antioxidants found in dark chocolate, called flavonoids, may safeguard your skin from the sun.

  • Broccoli and leafy greens like spinach, kale, and chard help ward off lung and colon cancers, but new evidence hints that the protection may extend to the skin.

The individual ingredients that are naturally SPF are:

  • Almond Oil- SPF around 5

  • Coconut Oil- SPF 4-6

  • Zinc Oxide SPF 2-20 depending on how much used

  • Red Raspberry Seed Oil SPF 25-50

  • Carrot Seed Oil –  SPF 35-40

  • Shea Butter – SPF 4-6

Pretty much every illness that our body gets, is affected by what our body ingests, including our diet. Our skin is the largest organ in our body making it just as susceptible to a poor diet as any of our other organs. A diet that is low in antioxidants and high in over processed foods will make your skin much more susceptible to sun burns and damage. In general, fruits and vegetables are foods high in antioxidants and help us fight free radicals and sun damage, while foods such as meat, dairy products, simple carbohydrates, sugar and processed foods cause inflammation and can contribute to making our sun damage worse.

Remember to drink plenty of water. South Africa has one of the cleanest waters in the world. So go on and indulge.