Use your rewards programme to travel in SA

According to Stats SA, South Africans spent R6.4 billion travelling around South Africa in the 12 months leading up to the end of March 2014. However, 43% of South Africans simply did not travelaround the country, because they said that they could not afford it – which is 6% more than those who couldn’t travel during 2013 for that reason.

So, how do we find the money to travel within our borders? The answer is simple: we make use of the loyalty and rewards programmes offered by retailers and financial institutions.

Most loyalty programmes offer savings on the various elements of travel, including flights, accommodation and car hire, with deals depending on members’ rewards tier.

For example, Multiply, the wellness and rewards programme offered by Momentum, offers its members savings of up to 50% on up to 12 flights on Mango per year, and once those 12 flights have been used, a flat saving of 7.5% applies to all members. In fact, the programme has saved more than R18 million for its members who booked flights on Mango from July 2013 to June 2014.

Many programmes also offer the little extras that take the chore out of travel, such as access to airport lounges while waiting for flights. They also cater for budget travellers, who can enjoy savings of up to 10% on national bus services by shopping around carefully.

When it comes to car hire, most rewards programmes offer savings on car hire from at least one car rental company, with savings of up to 40% structured according to the members’ tier.

Once you’ve kept your travel costs under control, you need to look out for great accommodation deals too. Many rewards programmes have partnered with a specific hotel group to offer savings on accommodation to their members, while others partner with online travel agents to find good deals. Multiply offers up to a 45% discount at the African Pride group of hotels, City Lodge Hotels, and Protea Hotels, giving its members a wide selection of hotels in diverse locations across the country to choose from – and the ability to find accommodation that suits their style, their pocket, and their holiday plans.

Travel offers its own reward, as it is time spent away relaxing and rejuvenating with family and friends.

Smart South Africans are using travel rewards to stretch their budgets, so that they can enjoy travelling more often to more places in South Africa, while investing in their overall wellness by taking some time out to de-stress.