Heart to Heart: Miranda Makgopela

Saturday, November 01, 2014

There’s something about doing ministry as the person you are that ends up making a big difference in other people's live. Miranda Makgopela is nothing short of inspiring when it comes to her passion to see a radical change in the lives of Christians everywhere. She is truly a woman after God's own heart. From her passion for preaching Jesus and her dedication, Miranda's desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus is definitely undeniable. She has the most beautiful spirit and she if very relatable. Her testimony is something to be shared. Check out her interview with us and fall in love with this amazing soul.

Inside Woman: In what ways do you see God guiding your journey

Miranda Makgopela: You know, from a young age I have always been able to refer to the Word of God for every step I was to take. I have seen Him lead me from choosing schools, getting married and to even deciding where I would work.

Inside Woman: How did you come to know Christ as your personal Saviour?

Miranda Makgopela: I have grown up in Church all life, in fact my father is a preacher and our houses were always next to the Church. It wasn’t until I had been subjected to sexual abuse for two years and I had failed Standard 9 that I came to accept Jesus as my Lord and personal Saviour and allowed Him to restore me.

Inside Woman: There are so many religions, why Jesus?

Miranda Makgopela: To be honest I have never known anything else but Jesus. As I became exposed to other religions I could not reconcile the hatred, vengeance and desire to punish by other gods with what I desired, peace! When I looked at Jesus and started experiencing Him, all that overwhelmed me was peace and love. A love like no other… that did not care what I had done or deserved.

Inside Woman: What is the one lie that you believed about being a woman that God has helped you to break free from?

Miranda Makgopela: That being a submissive wife meant loosing one’s sense of purpose to follow blindly what the husband says or does. I am blessed with a husband that encourages me to pursue that which God has placed in me, by the Holy Spirit’s revelation. My husband knows that it is when we both fulfil our God given purpose that we become stronger and our marriage glorifies the Father. Surely He has brought us together to complement and bring out the best in each other.

Inside Woman: What, in your opinion, does the Bible say is Good News for women?

Miranda Makgopela: There can never be any Good’er News than the fact that Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins and has given us the right to be called the children of God.

Inside Woman: What do you do to help keep focused on the Lord day to day?

Miranda Makgopela: The amazing thing about Christianity is the call to communion and fellowship with Christ and the Holy Spirit. Being called to friendship with the Father, I talk to them at every moment. I don’t mean the traditional sense of setting up time to isolate ones self for prayer, which I do. But I mean literally talk to them as I would talk to you…ha ha ha.

Inside Woman: When did you begin to sense God’s call on your life and how did you know it was God

Miranda Makgopela: Believe it or not when I was in sub B, just after mom passed away. From that time onwards if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up the answer was always…”ke batla go nna Moruti kgotsa Lawyer” (I want to be a pastor or a lawyer).

When I was in Standard 8 before I was born again I finally responded to the call. When I was asked why I would want to embark on such a journey my answer was simply Romans 10: 14 – 15 “ How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard of? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.”

Inside Woman: What is the purpose that God has placed in your life for such a time as this?

Miranda Makgopela: To preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ into all the world and especially to the young people of South Africa and raise them up as intercessory prayer warriors. We currently have a ministry called Munt’O Musha Asikhuleke which aims to reach all young people irrespective of denomination and teach them to pray effective Spirit led and inspired prayers. To raise a desire within them to pray for the country and families.

Inside Woman: What are the challenges that you face in being in full time ministry?

Miranda Makgopela: Shuu what can I say? Being in the type of ministry I am in which is going to schools daily I would say on a personal level it would be finances since one doesn’t really receive a structured salary. However, the biggest challenge has got to be that one is faced with children daily who really need Jesus, who need love, acceptance and teaching.

It is quite unfortunate that South Africa is a secular state, this has left our children vulnerable to a whole lot of negative influences and it doesn’t help that corrective/disciplinary measures are very limited and almost non existent… all because of the “Right to choose”.

Inside Woman: What has contributed to the success of this ministry?

Miranda Makgopela: Prayer, the Word and knowing that I have God’s back up in this. I am also blessed to have partners that are supporting us financially and prayerfully.

Inside Woman: What would you say to women who senses God calling her into ministry, but feels frustrated that opportunities of ministry don’t seem readily available to her?

Miranda Makgopela: According to Matthew 27 :19 -20 we are commissioned to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. Perhaps the initial is to understand the “All the World”… in my view is that there is always an opportunity to minister to someone. Start where you are, where you work, with the people you meet on the street or at that function you are attending. The world at large needs Jesus, needs comfort and counselling more than the people inside the Church building. There is a saying that “the world is your oyster”, well, I say the world is your pulpit. Be sure to be faithful even where nobody you know sees but God; and impact lives and watch how God opens up doors for you. I am a living testimony!

Inside Woman: When our faith is tested in times of stretching, it can be tempting to simply give up, or to succumb to the temptation to remain as we are. What has helped you to press through?

Miranda Makgopela: The bible says “Many are the afflictions of the righteous but it is the Lord who delivers them from it all.” Testing is a necessary process for a Christian, it shapes and molds us into being Christ-like. Our response to tests determines our level of growth and maturity plus I have learned that tests are really not about me but the tester/examiner. God will never give us more than we can ever bear. Think about Job, God allowed the devil to mess with him because He knew he had been equipped enough to pass the test.

Know who you are, whose you are and why you have been sent.

Inside Woman: What if a woman hears from God about starting a ministry, but her spiritual parent(s) isn’t behind her–doesn’t support her. Should she press forward?

Miranda Makgopela: Oh what a tricky one! There is a fine line between submission and stagnation… I love how Paul always makes it clear that He is a servant of Christ Jesus, called to be an apostle and set apart by God himself to preach the Gospel to all men both Jews and Gentiles. How through obedience to God he is obligated to fulfil his purpose. The question ultimately becomes what would be the account of your life to Daddy God when He asks what have you done with the seed deposited in you? Would it be satisfactory and pleasing to say but I was waiting for release?

Inside Woman: What do you say to women who are struggling with the confidence to break out and be all that God has called them to be?

Miranda Makgopela: Know this Mme, the anointing for your life’s assignment is unique. When God created you He had a purpose in mind and provided the anointing (ability) to lead you to your appointment…making you who you are. Do not succumb to the devil’s agenda to block your anointing by poisoning your mind. YOU ARE WELL ABLE!

Inside Woman: When you close your eyes and see an empowered woman in Christ, what do you see?

Miranda Makgopela: I see a woman who knows who she is and without a doubt approaches all areas of her life with confidence and no fear of failure. A woman who proclaims Phillipians 4:13 over her life and continues about her daily business as the Proverbs 31 woman does. Yes it is possible!

Inside Woman: How important is it for you to have the support of matured Christian women surrounding you?

Miranda Makgopela: Oh very important…the Word says that the older (matured) woman should teach the young ones. These women provide perspective, counsel and stability in ones life. They are the ones one can rely on to help one without judgement.

Inside Woman: Tell us about your marriage and what’s the best marriage preparation advice you received?

Miranda Makgopela: I have known my husband, Stevens, for 6 years now and we’ve been married for 5 years now. We have 1 daughter, Aobakoe Motlotshwa, who turns 4 in November. It has been an interestingly wonderful journey of a good mix of laughter,tears,peace, joy,prayer and fun and good food. My husband and I complement each other so well. We both are good cooks and so we have these cook offs now and again and have friends rally around for a good meal. And also I cant hold a note to save my life of which he is super anointed for, so you can imagine the amazing ministry that takes place… one sings and the other preaches. Oh but I am blessed!

Advice… hmmm early on in our marriage I was told that contrary to popular belief, I must remove any expectations on him and to remove trust from him as he is mere man but to trust in the God in that He serves.

Inside Woman: Many women have been told to aim to be a Proverbs 31 woman. Is that realistic and why?

Miranda Makgopela: Ha ha ha… I made reference to this in one of the prior questions. Yes I believe it is realistic and very possible. The standard for marriage should be the Word of God and not what the world and media presents to us. As children of God we are held to a higher standard than those that know not of Christ. We are empowered and are called to be help-meets to our husbands!

Inside Woman: What would you say is the greatest contributing factor to a Christian single woman’s ability to enjoy a fulfilling life?

Miranda Makgopela: Contentment and a non compromising attitude about who you are. Never apologise for your sense of worth!

Inside Woman: Our call is also to bring people to the loving arms of Christ. How would you introduce Jesus Christ to a woman engrossed in depression, oppression and pain?

Miranda Makgopela: If ever there is one person who has ever lived the earth and understands pain, oppression and depression it is Jesus Christ. The Bible says He forsook His throne in heaven to come live as an ordinary being. He was rejected, a prophet without honour in His own hometown, dragged through mud and trampled upon,beaten up, judged without defence and finally crucified… Becoming a curse when it was meant for us… and yet He did not allow it to keep Him down. He rose up above it, rendering the grave powerless. All this so we could approach His throne of mercy and give all our troubles to Him and He would give us His rest and peace. He knows what it is to be rejected BUT He is the only one who has become victorious over them. He is the only who would not remember your failures or past nor judge you for them… Give it all to Him and receive your freedom and peace.

Inside Woman: People look around and see bad things happening to good people and they conclude that there is no God. What do you say to those people?

Miranda Makgopela: Oh there is a God! One who looks down upon us with grace and mercy and desires that all mankind be reconciled back to Himself. Sadly, there are people who have decided to pursue their own evil desires and are causing havoc around us. God being the gentle Spirit He is does not force Himself on anyone. He allows people to freely receive His salvation.

As for the ‘good’ people… the Word of God says “All things (good and bad) work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose”. God is always ahead of us. His ways are definitely not our ways and His thoughts definitely not ours… Ours is to trust and have Faith in the All knowing, All Seeing, Ever present God and see His deliverance.

Inside Woman: If someone has never prayed before or never asked God for help before and would like to start now, how would they go about doing that?

Miranda Makgopela: In Matthew 6: 9-13 Jesus teaches His disciples how to pray…this prayer covers all aspects that we need in life. Jeremiah 33: 2 -3 also gives an assurance that when you call upon Him He will answer you and show you great things you do not have knowledge of. It is against this knowledge that you can confidently approach God in petition.
Importantly, remember God wants to have a relationship with you, to be your friend… approach Him as such.

Inside Woman: If left to define your own story and its meaning, what would you like to be seen to symbolise?

Miranda Makgopela: The Heart, the Love and the Grace of God.

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