God is still in control despite your mistakes

We've all hurt people, not even realising the extent of our wrongs until many years later. Yes, we are kind and loving people but that hasn’t kept any of us from making bad choices that affected other people.

When we make mistakes, we worry that we've fallen out of God’s will.  And fear sets in that we are permanently out of God's will.

But...God is still in control despite your mistakes.

His love is durable. He is strong enough to know the dirty truth about you and not turn away. He is loving enough to love y despite the unlovely things we have done.

God’s will for you is right where you’re standing, whether in the sunshine of your hopes, or the storm of your regrets.

God will fulfill His purposes. Why? Because He is faithful to His own promises.

Don't beat yourself down. Don't allow Satan to condemn and to make you feel unworthy. He knows that when he is throwing those eaccusations and lies that you will believe that God cannot use you because of our mistakes.

But the devil is a liar!!!

God also knows that because we are human, we occasionally slip up. We may even make some of the same mistakes over again, especially when fighting an ingrained habit.



Scripture is clear that God the Grace we receive doesn’t depend on us and our wisdom, or goodness, or faithfulness. God isn’t waiting for you to get your act together, your head screwed on straight, to try again and get it right this time.

God just wants you to have faith in Him. Believe that He will work ALL things for your good. The things that are pertaining to His Spirit.

One of the great blessings of God’s Sovereignty is the freedom He gives you to live your life without regrets. This knowledge frees you to take risks, to pursue life and all its challenges with excitement, rather than living in fear, or wasting your best years in “analysis paralysis."

This is NOT a licence to sin like others believe. This is freedom that has already been given to you. Receive God's help.

And if you've screwed up a hundred times, He does NOT stop being your Saviour. He is there with you. He will NEVER leave you or forsake. You can be in the darkest pit of your life, Jesus will show up with His light and show you the Way!

Daughter of God, if you’re living right now through the consequences of your mistakes, whether sinful or not, God is still your forgiving heavenly Father. There's nothing you've done or will do that He can't (and won't) forgive, if you are willing.

We can’t always make it right with the people we’ve hurt. We can't always undo what we have done.  But even when we make big mistakes, God has mercy on us. Our part is to receive His forgiveness and Grace. And walk in it.

God's love is bigger and better than we can imagine. We are all imperfect. We all do the wrong thing from time to time. However, God loves us anyhow.

It is God's strength that can help us all overcome temptation

Praise God for His Love and Mercy!