Glorious Sunsets For Half The Price

At this time of the year Cape Town is one of the most beautiful places to be on the whole planet! It's easy to see why – with a mix of coastline, mountains, cosmopolitan city and natural greenery all around, it makes for an ideal holiday spot for local and international visitors alike.

Everyone already knows that Cape Town  is already one of the most insanely beautiful place on Earth, but the sunset just makes things all the more unbelievable.

Sunset is one of the most beautiful times of the day at the Table Mountains.

Any time you think of the Table Mountain you are probably thinking of a clear blue sky with lots of tourists. And of course, it’s great to see during the day, but it’s when the sun starts receding that you want to really make sure you have your camera.

The mountain’s magnetism has a way of drawing people in, compelling them to reach the summit.

An African sunset from the top of one of the world’s New7Wonders of Nature is a truly spectacular sight.

During the summer season, the sun can rise as early as 05:30 and set as late as 20:00 – and trust us, there's no better place to watch the sun dip into the Atlantic Ocean than 1 000m up at the summit of Table Mountain.

Experience summer’s longer days and balmy evenings atop Table Mountain by taking a cable car to the summit – and bring your camera to capture that #sunsetspecial moment!

From November 1 to December 19, and from January 8 until February 28, return tickets are half price after 6pm.

(excludes dates 20 December 2014 – 7 January 2015)
 A few points to remember: this deal is only available from the ticket office from 18:00 onwards (Sunset Special tickets cannot be bought online). Remember too that the cableway operates weather permitting – check the status on our website before you leave.