When it is over, it is over

We need relationships – it is our design to desire them. The need to love and be loved is big in every one of us.

There are four types of relationships in life—those that add, those that subtract, those that multiply, and those that divide. And so when something becomes divisive, or when something is subtracting, you have to look at the reality of that relationship and say, "It's not working," which means one of three things.

Unfortunately many people are so hungry for love, for some sense of acceptance, and for companionship, that they become blinded even when they are in toxic or abusive relationships.

But why is it that in spite of hurt, pain, and clear indications of lack of love or respect, people find it hard to let go of bad relationships?

Sometimes we stay because we think there is a chance things will change.

[adsenseyu1]Sometimes we feel hopelessly trapped.  We think that God wants us to be endlessly patient and tolerant of others even when they are holding us back, blinding us to ourselves or worse yet, draining us. We believe that it is wrong to protect ourselves, and we believe that it is sinful to leave a family relationship, marriage, certain friendships or business partners.

For some reason, we are under the misconception that we would not be good Christians if we did not stick it out and continue tolerating just about anything the other person says or does to us.

There comes a time in our lives that we need to accept reality - that no matter what we do, the relationship is not going to work out.

There comes a time in our lives when we have to do what’s right and to honour God, our ourselves and those around us.

There comes a time when you have to let go of all the pointless drama and the people who create it.

There comes a point, where you have to decide that your peace of mind is more important than the irrational security of a dysfunctional situation.

It's called GROWING UP and that means you are honest and transparent.

You have to see the relationship for what it is and admit to yourself that it is not working.

When it is over, it is over.

Never lose your identity for another person's sake.

Never compromise your character for anyone.

So how do you know that you need to let go? 

If it hurts and is a constant struggle… If it’s hard and makes you unhappy... if you feel suffocate and in prison... if you feel uneasiness or an unrest then you need to just let go. Life is too short to be unhappy.

A peaceful, loving, healthy relationship is NOT POSSIBLE if only ONE person is interested in making it happen and willing to do what it takes. It takes two to tango.

By holding on to the past, you blocking what God has for you. And if you don’t let go of the wrong people, the right people won’t show up.

You are priceless and God wants you to live in PEACE and NOT pieces. (1 Corinthians 7:15)

There is a destiny, there is a plan, there is a purpose for your life, and you need the association of the right people for the stimulation of the dream that is inside of you.  Move forward in the blessing He has prepared for you!