The power of mentoring

My passion for mentoring is founded upon Titus 2:3-5. I also love the story of Esther. She chose to accept God’s calling for her life and step willingly into a situation that could have easily ended her life. Because of her faithfulness, God not only used her to save the nation from destruction but raised her up to the honoured position of Queen.

Why Mary went to Elizabeth? The scripture does not say, but I would assume she must have been a woman that Mary could trust to give her Godly counsel and pray for her.

As women we are under vast amounts of pressure to look and behave in certain ways. We are bombarded with misleading images that the world has raised up as the definition of beauty and sadly we feel compelled to conform to this image. When we realise that we don’t match up to this false ideals we lose confidence and allow ourselves to start believing negative thoughts about ourselves.

[adsenseyu1]An attitude of empowerment is not a suggestion but a scriptural instruction. And as parents, we can help our young women by sharing God’s Word, allowing them to express themselves in a safe and modest way. As we get older, we’re not to sit on the side-line of life. God intends for us to be giving out, to be multiplying and to be reproducing. Our older years are supposed to be our most fruitful years of passing on to others every bit of lesson that we have learned.

What God has placed in your life over the years of walking with Him needs to be planted like a seed in the hearts of the next generation! It’s a huge responsibility and a great privilege. It is one that gives life, purpose, and brings much joy into so many lives.

One  main reasons I believe in mentoring it is because I am the product of it. I’ve had several mentors who have made a major difference in my life. They saw potential where I did not. They encouraged me to become someone more than I was. They reproved and corrected me. They pointed out my “blind spots.” They modelled what I longed to become. They made me want to be a mentor myself. As a result of being mentored, I learned the value of being vulnerable, open, unguarded, and to be an honest person of authenticity.

Secondly mentoring gives me the opportunity to use my journey to benefit younger women who are longing to have someone to help them navigate life.

One thing I’ve found in this mentoring journey is that younger women want authenticity from their mentors. You cannot lead someone to where you’re not in already and I’m constantly challenged to make sure I’m keeping my own relationship with the Lord strong.

There are many, many young women around us needing encouragement and wisdom from mature Christian woman. Let me be the one to encourage you to become a mentor. I believe in you. There’s a reason you a reading this. Some young mom or single girl needs you. It is my prayer that many women will live out of the awareness of His high calling. There’s a Mary out there who needs you.

Written by Khulile Mashaba-Mtetwa of SheCares Women's Network. She is also a Public Speaker, Mentor and Motivational Speaker. She has been an MC in weddings, conferences and corporate functions.