Release Your Thankfulness

Thankfulness. This is a subject that can never be exhausted. In every moment we’re alive there’s something to be thankful for.  Yet despite all that we have been given, many of us still fail to thank God for all of it.  Instead of being more satisfied and fulfilled, we find ourselves bored and disillusioned.

Let's be honest, life is not always easy. In fact, much of the time life is difficult. Being born again does not put an end to life’s troubles. On top of that we are continuously bombarded by examples of people whose lives seem to be better than ours, or perfect, because they have a certain lifestyle.

Many times as we are faced with difficulties with our relationships, family, and jobs, it is hard in the flesh to have a feeling of thankfulness. When our life is not going the way we think it ought to we tend to hold out on thankfulness.

Many a times we find ourselves struggling with thoughts of fear, worry, helplessness, self-doubt, blame, anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, despair, and hopelessness.

Yet, when we focus on being thankful, something amazing happens.

Why Give Thanks?

[adsenseyu1]Why is all this so important? Is God insecure and dependent on us to boost his self-esteem? No. Is God vain and egotistical? Will he only respond to those who flatter him? No.

Thankfulness is the most powerful way of bringing about a change in our circumstances and move us in a direction that honours God and serves our purpose.

As soon as you are thankful, you enter the presence of God. You instantly are reminded that you are not alone in your situation, isolated, feeling as if you've been left to fight your battles on your own.

When you are thankful, you remember that you are living your life in God’s presence. He is listening and involved in every detail of your life. He
is there with you.

When you are thankful, it helps you to realise that you are not defined by your problems or your circumstances. God has preceded them and He has already overruled them.

In Philippians 4:11, Paul teaches us to be content and satisfied with our present state and condition.

The key given that is given in Philippians is not be content with the things or hoping to have, but rather with who we are in Him. The world—and all the things in it—cannot give us that which is lasting and satisfying.  This is not something that we can get by our carnal nature, but only by and through His Grace.

Being thankful does not mean living in denial, suppressing our feelings, or ignoring reality. It means being honest, but bringing all
those things to a God who has promised to love us and demonstrated it by sending his Son to be our Savior.

So, today I encourage you NOT to cling to your thankfulness but  to release it to God so that your hands and heart are open to receive more of His goodness.

Yes we experience rain and grief. However, the rain and the light God that has given us causes the seeds we have planted to germinate.

Yes, these days may be evil but "Be of good cheer, Jesus has overcome the world" (John 16:33).

Listen to the Lord, and respond with faith — and thankfulness.

‘To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power for ever and ever!" (5:11-13).

Questions for reflection:

What am I thankful for today?
How can I express my thankfulness to God and others?
What beauty have I noticed today?
When have I felt contentment in my life?
How can I recreate that contentment on a regular basis?