How to balance work and personal life

In my line of work a lot of times young people and women ask me questions about what it takes to be a career woman in the men’s world. As a woman, I have had my own fair share of demons to fight. And to tell the truth, there is unfortunately no recipe that can be followed to balance work and personal life.

But I have observed how women leaders triumph in life. One thing they do is follow their heart and push themselves to the limit. These women believe on their purpose and this helps them not go overboard with anything because they know that each area of their lives is important.

What I have also noticed in all these women leaders is a common trait and that is FAITH.  They also have the courage to move forward despite setbacks to achieve their goals.

Based on my journey and learning, here is what keeps me going.

1. Have faith in God.
2. Take full responsibility for caring for yourself, your professional growth and success.
3. Believe in yourself, if you don’t there is a chance others won’t also.
4. Embrace opportunities - do not be bogged down by remarks such as “Life is tough for women”.
5. Be confident – Be fearless, speak your mind out. There are no specific rules for male and female in business meetings.
6. Be sure what you want . Stop being overly dependent, on your team, family or your friends.
7. Expand your horizon.  Use the power of resilience to bounce back each time you meet failure - after all nothing is impossible for God. As long as you trust in God 100% you can be like the Proverbs 31 woman and laugh without fear of the future
8. Invest in professional networks. There is great inspiration and power in the “all women only” social networks. Find one or two that interest you and become a member. Listen, express yourself and share.
9. Lend a helping hand. Every now and then, connect and speak with other women. Take up a cause and help other women. Just imagine the difference it can make. Personally, I always take away some wisdom or insights from every interaction I have with women and their input help me tremendously.
10. Be THANKFUL. Nothing takes a person from good to great as fast as gratitude. Always be thankful to God Almighty, and as often as you can thank your parents, your spiritual parents, your teachers, your friends and every person that has played a role in shaping your career.

A biblical woman embraces God's callings, chooses wisely, lives courageously, and expects God's greater reward.”
― Shaunti Feldhahn

Written by Khulile Mashaba-Mtetwa of SheCares Women’s Network. She is also a Public Speaker, Mentor and Motivational Speaker. She has been an MC in weddings, conferences and corporate functions.