Be proud of your womanhood

Many women are searching, almost frantically, as never before, for a sense of personal purpose, meaning; and for eternal insight and meaning in their femaleness.

Too many of us are struggling and suffering, too many are running faster than they have strength, expecting too much of themselves. As a result, we are so distraught and distracted that we can't find that calming strength and serenity for which we have always been known for.

We often worry so much about pleasing and performing for others that we lose our uniqueness—that full and relaxed acceptance of one’s self as a person of worth and individuality.

Despite all of this issues, I know that God loves us individually and collectively as women, and that he has a mission for every one of us.

Often we fail to consider the glorious possibility within our own souls. We need to remember that divine promise, “The Kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21.)

[adsenseyu1]I believe we can find our steady footing and the calming of our souls by turning away from physical preoccupations, superwoman accomplishments, and endless popularity contests, and returning instead to the wholeness of our soul, that unity in our very being that balances the demanding and inevitable diversity of life.

Because our God is well balanced, we are that much closer to Him when we are.

God has created us as unique and we are His precious beings. He has endowed us with natural grace, goodness, and divinity. Our femininity is not just lipstick, stylish hairdos, and trendy clothes. It is our divine adornment of humanity. It finds expression in our qualities of our capacity to love, our spirituality, delicacy, radiance, sensitivity, creativity, charm, graciousness, gentleness, dignity, and quiet strength. It is manifest differently in each woman, but each of you possesses it. Femininity is part of your inner beauty. It is your incomparable power and influence to do good.

Be proud of your womanhood. Enhance it. Use it to serve others.

Keep your heart and mind open to the flow of the Spirit of God in your life. He won't fail you.

Remember, not everything that happens in your life will be as you have hoped and have planned. But if you live so as to know the Lord’s will, you will find peace in your soul and great happiness.

With faith in God —with faith in our own divine creation—may we be peaceful and let go of our cares and troubles over so many things. May we believe—nothing doubting—in the light that shines, even in a dark place.

Whatever our circumstance,  may we reach out, touch, hold, lift, and nurture—but we cannot do it in isolation. We need a community of sisters stilling the soul and binding the wounds of fragmentation.

I pray that the Lord will bless each one of you that you can come to know your individual worth and in turn to strengthen the faith of the believers and help them through the counterfeit confusions of these difficult days.