The real definition of a godly woman

Much often, pride is associated with beauty, wealth with being in position of power to get whatever you want in life. The problem is that these are worldly things, they parish with time; especially if they are not taken good care of.

Pride can also disguise itself in us as confidence. Don’t get me wrong it’s good to have confidence, to put on a brave face every now and then. In fact that is what a strong woman is known for. We smile even if the situation is hard to ingest.

Another thing that makes us proud as women is our accomplishments; our marriages, our children, and how educated we are.

But as women we are not limited to serve only in our own homes. God has put us in our different position for a reason. Whether at work, at school or wherever you are God has a purpose for you. Whatever you do is important in the eyes of the Lord as long as you do it for His glory.

Never allow material things/accomplishments or a lack thereof to define who you are.

“I have never held a permanent working position in my life, and I have asked myself over and over “why am I unable to get a permanent job?”… And at some point I would think maybe that’s not what God wants for me. I know God has a purpose for me I just need to ask Him to reveal it to me and work on what He wants me to be. I have faced so many trials, so many burdens and yet have never given up because I know who provides, who heals, who hears, who loves and who cares and that is God and He never fails.”

When we are stuck in any situation we don’t like, the accepted reaction is to question.

Sizakele Ledwaba

Yet, what if that situation is a divine appointment? What if this situation is a barrier or an opportunity? Perhaps the barrier we feel we are facing is an opportunity to follow the instructions we have been given so that we too can put in order that we are not satisfied with.

As a woman you arrived later but that does not mean you were made late. All that has happened to you has happened so that you can be where you are today.

When you know what you’re shaped to be, then you know what you ought to be, and you can start focusing on that and make better use of your life.

You are an extra ordinary, powerful and anointed woman of God. Prosperity is yours. You are not “just” a woman; you are a woman of a Great God.

The devil uses fear to make you think you are weak. But when fear stands; stand as well.

Do not be happy when you lack.  Believe that God has destined you to go far.

There is no time like today to cry, to fight and work hard; in your business, in your studies, in your career etc.

Although we may feel ‘stuck’ in any situation it is good news to know that Jesus, with all His power, is there too! In His power we can turn the obstacle into an opportunity!

So put God first in your life, your family and self should be under His hand. He will pilot your life. As you abide in Him, He will surprise you by making your work more fruitful than you expect. are God’s flame of witness to those around you who can’t see a thing; they need the truth and light of the BIBLE.

So strike a match… Burn brightly…Light the way for someone near you.

And that is the PRIDE and CONFIDENCE we should portray as WOMEN OF THE MOST HIGH.

Written by Sizakele Ledwaba