The essence of eternal life is to know God

The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life - Job 33:4. He shattered the darkness and lifted our shame…Holy is His Name!

He came to seal your heart with holy, jealous love.

I believe one of the great hindrances for women of Christ to experience the love of God is self-hatred.

One lady prayed, “Lord, I want to love my neighbour as I love myself.”

Father God surprised the lady, telling her that was the problem. “You do love your neighbour the way you do love yourself. That is why you hate your neighbour.” It is funny, but it is profoundly true.

[adsenseyu1] The essence of eternal life is to know God. Salvation is much more than escaping hell but is an invitation to fellowship with God (1 Cor. 1:9; 1 John 1:3)—to participate in the fellowship of God’s burning heart.

God designed us so that experiencing His love is the most pleasurable reality available to the human make-up. When we do not know that God love us in a passionate way, then our emotional life is out of balance. We were created in such a way that we cannot live in wholeness without the knowing the true heart of God.

We must make it a priority to study and meditate on God’s love for us. This is important to our own health. We are transformed as we understand the way God thinks and feels about us, especially in our weakness. This revelation causes us to run to Him instead of from Him. It causes us to have confidence in His love and to open our spirit to Him in our weakness.

The way that God loves within the Trinity is the only way He loves us. He always loves in fullness. His love never diminishes or grows, because it is infinite in measure and eternal in duration; He does not love us with part of His love—that would be to deny His own character.

There is a God-shaped vacuum in our hearts that can only be fulfilled in the rest of intimacy.

There is no rest until we conclude the highest purpose of our life is intimacy with God. Augustine (354-430 AD) wrote, “Man does not rest until he finds his rest in God.” We only find our ultimate purpose for life in knowing how much we are loved. This is our highest life purpose that brings us peace and happiness in this life. Many believers who have the assurance of being forgiven are striving to find purpose and happiness. It is not an issue of going to heaven, but how and why they live on earth.

The gift of God to you is beyond computation. Nothing was withheld. God would not permit it to be said that He could have done more, or revealed to humanity a greater measure of love. In the gift of Christ He gave all of heaven to you and to me.

As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love.” (Jn. 15:9)