Identity crisis imposed by judgment

We have a desperate thirst to be original and different, while simultaneously and contradictorily wanting to feel like we belong.

We all know the sting of judgement and how it rattles our identity at times. Some days you wake up knowing fully who you are and some days there is a war inside of you between what someone expects you to be and who you are. This is what is called identity crisis imposed by judgment.

Like anyone, as Christian women our sense of identity, regardless of cultures or traditions, wavers and strengthens, according to what our eyes and spirit are exposed to and what we daily embrace.

But what good is life if we live it according to other people’s terms?

If we try to take our identity from another person we will simply exchange insecurities and weaknesses.

For example, in a search for identity a woman will exploit a man with her body in a vain effort to establish relationship with him, degrading both her womanhood and his manhood.

When we lie to ourselves we have already sacrificed our identity.

So, if it is God who planned our existence before the creation of the universe and who loved us into being, why are we conforming to the standards of mortal men?

We were never intended to have a self-centered identity or man-made identity. We were expected to have a God-centered identity.

You can renew, refresh and be restored.

Use God’s Word to define and shape your spiritual and physical identity.

Be willing to look within, and unearth things in yourself that need to be uprooted - pre-conceived or pre-conditioned - so they stop choking off other areas of your life.

Our love relationship with God teaches us to love ourselves from His perspective, and this gives us freedom to love ourselves and others with self-detachment, and that is the only genuine love.

Remember, being at peace with God and who He made you to be is where you can be the most powerful.

And keep this important lesson in mind: God and you are responsible for you.

Eugene Peterson, in Run with the Horses, says:
Our lives are not puzzles to be figured out. Rather, we come to God, who knows us and reveals to us the truth of our lives. The fundamental mistake is to begin with ourselves and not God. God is the centre from which all life develops. If we use our ego as the centre from which to plot the geometry of our lives, we will live eccentrically.

An old wisdom says whoever gets lost should go back to the start point or the beginning.

So pray, meditate, study scripture.  Know Whose you are and who you are. Surround yourself with others who do the same and depend on Him as you ascend.

Embrace your God given identity and feel confident wherever you are, and pay no attention to anything or anyone who imposes their traditional or cultural beliefs on you. Pay attention to God Who created you and you’ll sense a life-altering shift that will change your life.

No matter how you fail along the way, Father God will always be there to guide you  through with His own special and mysterious way.

Hold the truth of God above all else.  Always.