Thank You Father God

I will give you thanks Lord, for you have been my Rock. When darkness has overcome my soul; you Lord, have been my Strength. When joy has flooded my eyes with tears, you o Lord are my Song. I will give you thanks all my life; your goodness to me is unfailing.

Your love O Lord; is my Anchor sustaining me through every kind of weather; you are my God and I praise you, my Savior forever. When storms rise against me, I do not fear, for I know, that you Lord are at my side; you are my Shepherd, guiding me faithfully to rest under the cover of your wings. I give you thanks Lord for my life; fearfully and wonderfully have I been made; joyfully and delightfully have I been held in your hands. Your love for me is a river running through me filling every place within me.

[adsenseyu1]Your mercy toward me is new every morning, therefore Lord, I have recourse to say, I am amazed by the sweetness of your love surrounding me and keeping me. I give you thanks Lord for all I am and ever hope to be.

I will give you thanks Lord for the beauty of the dawn and the setting of the sun; for the rain in its season and the heat of summer; I will give you thanks o Lord for the quiet fall of snow, and the whisper of the spring wind against the pane; I will give you thanks o Lord for the beauty of the earth and all creatures, great and small alike. I thank you Lord for the stars of the heavens and the moon its light; even in the midst of hail and wind, strong gales that buffet my soul, I will thank you o Lord for your love is a Light shining through it all.

Your love o God, reaches from the highest heavens, bending down from on high, you take my hand in yours; you lead my steps, each one, so that I do not fall or stumble. When I do, you are there to lift me, for you have called me yours and none shall separate me from your love, neither death or life, shall take me from your grasp. In this I find great comfort and my soul yearns ever more for your courts that I may praise you endlessly with all the angels and saints who have gone before me.

I will give you thanks o Lord for the songs of morning; the early sparrow and the robin; the flower in bloom and the dew on the grass shining like tears of joy in the rising gold of day. I will give you thanks God for the wonder of creation and my place, so small within it. I will give you thanks God for the hope that lives in me is because of you. When I see the world around me, the glisten of the sun through leaves; the mist of water in a breeze, my awe overcomes my breath and I am still, held in the heart of love’s glory and praise.

Lord God, I give you thanks for all I am ever going to be; for the wonder of family and friends, for children great and small; for the hope of dawn and the rest of night. I cannot say enough and yet words pale in the light of your love for each of us; Lord what will I say when I once more see you face to face? Will my voice be still or will it shout like thunder through the heavens the praises of a life spent longing to behold you, my Lord and my God!

God in heaven, for all you have done, for your love that fails never, but lifts up my eyes and opens my soul, I give you thanks; for the softening of my heart and the turning of my life from death to life, I give you thanks.

For your Son, Jesus Christ, who in love came and for love died for us, for me; Amazed am I by your great love, thank you Lord is all I can say, thank you Lord! Amen!