Heart to Heart: Nokukhanya Zungu

When a woman knows who she is in God, she glows with God's life. Nokukhanya Zungu is one such woman.  Her life is a testimony to the confused, poor and hurting people of this world of Jesus's power and Love for them. She has learned to fully rely on God. In this interview we have the opportunity to hear her heart, her passion and to talk to her about her ministry, Luke 6:38 Foundation.

Inside Woman: In what ways do you see God guiding your journey?

Nokukhanya Zungu: God is my Abbha father, when resources run scarce for Luke 6:38 Foundation I lift my eyes up to the heavens and I remind Him I am His daughter who began the foundation He instructed me to establish. He provides what is lacking in my life and He gives me strength when I’m emotionally drained. God guides me as to which doors to knock and which ones to leave out; and which families need assistant from the foundation. God is my compass; my foundation and I could not go on without His direction and guidance. Psalm 37: 23 says, “The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord” hence He is the ultimate guide and director of all my activities.

Inside Woman: How did you come to know Christ as your personal Saviour?

Nokukhanya Zungu: I was at my former church and I was playing church. I attendant every Sunday and came back as the same person. But one Sunday the pastor preached and I heard the Word that was preached with my spiritual ears. I was never the same again. I went to the altar and gave my life to Jesus. I had done this before as a child however it was only at this moment when I understood the grave importance of what I was doing.  Thereafter I sought God through His Word and chapter after chapter I grew stronger in His love. I learned that the Word is a weapon against all that I was facing. I did not need to plead my case with everyone and demand respect, the blood of Jesus covered me with honour and the Holy Spirit pleaded my case and refuted every tongue that accused me. When I realised who Jesus Christ is in my life, my life and my perception of who I really am changed.

Inside Woman: How important is your relationship with God?

Nokukhanya Zungu: Before I was saved, I only spoke to God when I was in trouble or when it was Sunday.  But after knowing who Abbha Father is personally I realised that I can’t live without Him. He is the air I breathe. I speak to Him in the morning, during the day as I drive to Varsity or at the grocery shop. I speak to Him at night and I read His Word to make sure that what I am doing is what He wants me to do. I cannot be Khanyi without God. There is no Khanyi without He that is Alpha and Omega. I am who I am through the intimate relationship that I have with God.

Inside Woman: What gives you the courage and tenacity to keep moving forward with life?

Nokukhanya Zungu: There is an isiZulu song that states : “Izwi lakho lingumuthi, emathanjeni ami, ngyolilonda kuze kuphele umsebenzi, Izwi lakhe liyaphilisa, liyaphila” it basically states that the Word is medicine to my bones. I will cherish it until my work is done here on earth. He Word is alive and it gives me life. For a non-believer this sounds like nonsense but to believers it is a sermon.  When you study the Word of God and spend time in prayer, you gain strength that even the enemy can’t match. I know that God will not test me with evil nor will He test me outside of the strength that He is willing to give me.  It excites me to know that when I go through the challenges, I can exercise faith in the name of Jesus, God will be proud of me. The apostle Paul said in 2 Corinthians 12:10 that he delights in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties for when he is weak, then he is strong. Yes challenges weaken me but the Lord is near me and that’s when He shows me His strength. Through Him I can claim victory from the enemy through faith in Jesus.

Inside Woman: If someone has never prayed before or never asked God for help before and would like to start now, how would they go about doing that?

Nokukhanya Zungu: They would have to first understand what prayer means and to whom they should pray to and why that will assist them. In order to do this they have to first believe and say with their mouth that Jesus Christ is their Saviour and that He gave His life to pay for our sins at the cross. And now He has risen and is sitting at the right hand of the Father as the high priest pleading our case to the Father on our behalf, and that is why we must pray in His name. After this they should then read the Word. The pastor can preach till his teeth fall out, they can watch gospel programmes till they run out, but they have to know in whose name to pray in and why this is so important and how this prayer will assist them. And that is the only way to have an effective prayer.

Inside Woman: Can you know God outside of Jesus?

Nokukhanya Zungu: In the earthly sense cynics will say even satanists and Muslims know God. However the truth is God Himself who is the Word, states that there is no knowledge or understanding of God without truly appreciating His Son the Saviour, Jesus Christ. The Word which is God which is the truth in John 14:6 states that, “I (Jesus) am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. Therefore it can be understood from that statement that you can only know God through Jesus who died for our sins. Without that truth you cannot fully acknowledge and appreciate God in His very essence.

Inside Woman:  How do you live out your convictions in our diverse society?

Nokukhanya Zungu: The Word tells us that if you are ashamed of Jesus on earth, Jesus will also deny you in front of His Father in heaven. The Word is clear, the mandate of the body of Christ is cut out for me, I am to carry out my Isaiah 61 mandate and help people to reconcile with God. That cannot be done if I am afraid to carry out my convictions. I cannot be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ when I live my life in accordance to the Word. In order to attract non-believers to the Kingdom I need to be bold in my convictions. They need to think “wow, this God must really live if she religiously lives her life like that happily”. When a woman is rooted in God she knows her identity. It is only then that she can confidently live out her convictions and encourage others to be part of the Kingdom.

Inside Woman: What do you do to help keep focused on the Lord day to day?

Nokukhanya Zungu: I read the Bible daily to keep strong in the spirit and to ensure spiritual growth.

Inside Woman: When did you begin to sense God’s call on your life to reach the poor through Luke 6:38 Foundation?

Nokukhanya Zungu: Before I became very close to God I was always a giving person particularly to the homeless and car guards. As I became closer to God it became very clear to me that He needed me to begin a work for His praise. This work was going to be more than just giving food parcels and clothes to take care of the flesh, but it was going to be spiritual food as well to bring people closer to God. As I grew closer and closer to Abbha Father the need in my heart to communicate His Word to people grew even stronger.

Inside Woman: How did you know that this call was from God, and not something you thought up on your own?

Nokukhanya Zungu: This was confirmed to me through the verse in Luke 6:38, “Give, and it shall be given unto you, a good measure, pressed down shaken together, poured unto your lap, for with the measure you give, it shall be given unto you”. This does not only mean giving physical nourishment to the hungry but giving spiritual nourishment as well. So the more I drew people nearer to God the more God grew me spiritually. So the measure I use when reconciling people to God, is the measure God is using to reconcile me to Himself. You cannot walk into a poor person’s house and tell them of a God who loves them and who is a provider when they last had a meal a day ago. That evangelism does not make sense according to the Bible. But when you walk in with groceries and clothes with a plan to keep on providing for them for the next 3 months, they will start to ask questions. And that becomes an opportunity to share with them the Good News of the Gospel because their hearts are open to hear the Gospel.  That is why every family we have visited requests a Bible from us by the time we leave. This always makes me confident that it was the Lord’s call and not my own doing.

Inside Woman: How did you know that it was the right time to do it?

Nokukhanya Zungu: When I read the Bible it became clearer that God needs His creations saved into His chosen people. We cannot waste any time waiting for someone else to do the job that is clearly cut out for us. There are many people out there who need pure and burning evangelism, the kind that will produce kingdom ambassadors. I was summoned by name to begin this work and it was clear that He who began this good work in me shall carry it to completion till the day of Jesus Christ (Philippians 1:6). There was no time to waste.

Inside Woman: What was your greatest test of faith? Did you ever question God’s promise or doubt its fulfillment?

Nokukhanya Zungu: It was the day before an outreach. We had not received any donations and the only groceries and clothes we had were from the committee’s own pockets. This was insufficient and so I prayed and said to the Lord if this is truly Your work then provide because He is Jehovah Jireh – the Lord who provides. I felt as though I had let my team down as the founding servant and let the people who needed the parcels and clothes down as well. However from the little that we had I realised that we had more than enough to meet the needs of the people we had planned to reach out too. This tested my faith so much and I began to doubt if it was God who send me, and even if it was, why would He leave me now.  I remembered 2 Corinthians 12:10 that when I’m weak is when I’m strong and I prayed and declared abundance to all my outreaches including the one the following day in which we hardly had anything for. I decreed this with a sore heart but I had to exercise my faith and show the enemy that even though the circumstances were screaming “failure”,  I had victory in Jesus name.

Inside Woman: Your ministry is outside of the four walls of the Church. How does your home Church help you spiritually?

Nokukhanya Zungu: I usually ask my cell group to join me in prayer and fasting for our weekly outreaches. The Word tells us that where two are in agreement on earth about what they ask for, it shall be done for them by the Father in Heaven (Mathew 18:19). Therefore joint prayer from my fellow brethren assists me in that way.

Inside Woman: There is so much confusion in the Church today. How do we help people see Jesus Christ as an answer to their problems?

Nokukhanya Zungu: John 14:6 states that “Jesus answered: I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. If this scripture can be ministered truthfully to the people in hardcore evangelism there would be no other way to turn for people but to Jesus who can remove every curse, break every yoke and lift up any meek person and place them among kings.

Inside Woman: How can we as the body of Christ be the salt of the earth and light of the world?

Nokukhanya Zungu: The body of Christ needs to be governed by the Word. There is a lot of “umazenzela” these days - believers live according to their own will and not that of God. We need to set an example to the non-believers. They need to look at us and think: “wow I need that God of Khanyi, look at the way she carries herself, she is amazing”. We need to take care of the widows and orphans as the Word instructs us. We need to tithe as instructed so that we receive abundance and this will attract people to the kingdom. Let’s not be hypocrites preaching a Word we don’t practice.

Inside Woman: What can women do to allow the Holy Spirit to empower them, to set them free from the yokes of men?

Nokukhanya Zungu: This is a hard one, but I would say we as woman need to direct our eyes to Proverbs 31, to see the sort of woman God can mould us into; read the book of Ruth and see the manner in which she carried herself in. That honourable and dignified status of Ruth is what women need to desire and aspire to be. This includes asking God to help them be that character and not just pretend to be that sort of woman. Character v Reputation, that is when we pray and work on our character of being honourable women, reputation will take care of its self. When you are a spiritual giant as a woman, you will have enough faith to stop any yoke of any man and encourage others to do the same.

Inside Woman: If you could only preach one message to women, what would it be?

Nokukhanya Zungu: Mathew 6:33 “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need”. Let women stop seeking marriage first, a great job first and a good reputation first. Women must first seek God, they must delight in the Lord, and when that has happened God will provide everything else. When you have sought God and lived righteously according to His will, that marriage shall, that job and the honourable reputation will all come. But God must first build a noble character in you.

Inside Woman: What's your hope for the Church of Jesus Christ?

Nokukhanya Zungu: My hope is that the church of Christ becomes proactive in its Isaiah 61 mandate. And that is to rise up and spread the good news as a wild fire spreads in dry fields. We are Christ's ambassadors; therefore God is making His appeal to a dying world through us. We speak for Christ when we cry,  "Come back to God!" to the non-believers (2Corinthians 5:20). We need to be ambassadors that tirelessly preach not only the Word but by the lives we live, the way we treat others and by our good deeds.

Inside Woman:  Do you struggle with being a single woman and how do you remain content in Christ while waiting?

Nokukhanya Zungu: I am a young lady and by God’s mighty hand I would believe I have gained honour in my reputation. This means men will be attracted to the type of woman I am, however I can never allow that to get into my head and create vanity within me, nor can I marry the first man who proposes. I continuously seek the kingdom of God and only God can appoint the appropriate man worthy of having me as His wife. There is a quote that I love and share with other young ladies “A woman’s heart must be so hidden in Christ that in order to find her, a man must first seek God”.

Inside Woman:  Do you have any words of advice to share with women who may have been given a vision from God, yet have not had the privilege of seeing it fulfilled in their lives?

I would encourage them to dwell in the house of the Lord. They must not give up. I know this sounds redundant but there is no other advice I can give but that of waiting not only on the Lord but waiting IN the Lord. This means waiting for your vision to be fulfilled whilst praying, fasting, living righteously and praising Him for just being God.

Inside Woman:  Who has been a significant influence in your life and ministry?

Nokukhanya Zungu: My pastor the apostle Collins Dhlomo and his wife prophetess Nomusa Dhlomo. They used to preach the Gospel from tents and at times they used to taxis to do God’s work. Today the Church that God has allowed them to oversee has several branches in South Africa and one in England as well. They are prospering financially and live in abundance. Their resilience in the Lord is commendable and admirable. They are great leaders who just shine in God’s Glory.

Inside Woman: What is your message of hope to broken women?

Nokukhanya Zungu: Psalms 34:18 says, “The Lord is close to the broken-hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit”. These women find themselves in a vulnerable yet favourable position. Their weakness makes them strong because the Lord is near them. They just need to call upon Him and seek His face sincerely and faithfully. God is waiting on them.

Inside Woman: What are two things you'd like to encourage Christian women around the world to pursue in their faith walk?

Nokukhanya Zungu: Pursue to be a faithful servant in the eyes of God and pursue to be righteous in your ways so as to inspire other women to walk in your footsteps as you follow Christ. These two things will make you shine with God’s Glory. They will set you apart as a vessel of honour, ready to do any good work of the Father (2 Timothy chapter 2).

Inside Woman: As a woman in ministry, do you have any other thoughts or words of encouragement for women who minister?

Nokukhanya Zungu: There will always be challenges but let us not forget that God called us by name and we are His, (Isaiah 43:1). He will not abandon His faithful servant, and no weapon formed against you will prosper. You are protected by the mighty shield. Listen closely when God is correcting you and as the Lord corrects you remember that He loves you and He is doing it to help you be a better person. Take comfort in the fact that you are an uncommon vessel, you have been set apart to do a great work and that makes you a vessel of honour. You have been carefully called and set apart, so do the work assigned to you with resilience and faithfulness and most importantly be excellent in your ministry as excellence honours God and inspires people.