10 Cute cover-ups for every body shape

Baggy pants and oversized shirts may seem like the most comfortable cover-ups but is there a way to cover up and still look good for every body shape? You’ll be happy to hear that there is a way, if you want to find how, read on.

If women had it their way, they would probably spend their days in swimsuits and crop tops showing off their bodies, but unfortunately we all have flaws and insecurities we would much rather cover up; and to do so we don’t actually have to cover up with sweat pants and your boyfriend's t-shirts, there are other ways. Here are our top ten cover-up clothes for every body shape.

1. Caftan


This is an elegant long-sleeved flowing dress that can be worn in summer. It draws attention to your legs and covers your arms. A caftan can be made of either silk, wool or cashmere. Depending on the occasion, you can either dress down by wearing this with sandals and a straw hat, or dress it up with a few accessories and heels. Caftans are both comfortable and they can cover parts of you that you don’t want to flaunt as much as others.

2. Button Down

Button down styles

These classic button down styles add the illusion of curves to a small waist and it allows you to hide or show only what you need to. Heels and a pair of leggings or jeans can make this style a bit more formal. Button down styles are also perfect for all seasons, as you can add a scarf or a cardigan to the mix.

3. Separates


Separates are made from, swimwear fabric. This kind of fabric is loose, chic and great for anyone looking to not show a lot of thigh. They are a two piece set consisting of a loose yet comfortable top and pants perfect, for not showing too much thigh. This style of clothes is well suited for hot weather and more informal occasions that don’t require you to dress up. You may however, add a bit of chic with a few accessories and a string bag.

4. Maxi Dress


Maxi dresses are probably the most comfortable and figure flattering dresses available out there. They are long, loose and give the illusion of longer legs. These dresses may be either horizontally striped for small figured bodies or vertically striped for bodies with a bigger bust. Perfect for a picnic outing or just a relaxed day at home.

6. Rash Guard

Rash Guard
This shirt covers your whole arm and protects you from potentially harmful UV rays.It is the perfect cover up for a day at the beach or a day in the sun.

6. Halter


Halter dresses are perfect for a day at the pool. They show shoulders while giving your body a flattering figure. They are extremely comfortable and are look good on every body shape and size.

7. Romper


This is the perfect outfit for an hourglass figure or at least the illusion of one. Curvey ladies will find this really flattering for their figures and so will other body shaped ladies. Rompers are comfortable and normally worn on more informal and fun occasions.

8. Tube Dress


For a more daring look, tube dresses are perfect. These hide significant parts of your legs and breasts while flattering the remaining part of your legs and shoulders. Suitable for summer weather and a relaxed day.

9. Tunic


If you are planning to stuff yourself at a restaurant, loose tunics are perfect. They are comfortable and loose and made of various material. You can add some heels to dress it up or leave it with sandals for a more chilled day in the sun.

10. Jump Suit


Much like maxi dresses, jumpsuits elongate your legs and create curves. Jumpsuits can either have straps or can be strapless and would be perfect for tall and athletic ladies.

These clothes are affordable and easy to find. Some of them are great for summer while some can be worn in various seasons. There is no longer any reason for you to put on sweat pants and that old oversized shirt to cover up. You can now look fabulous, elegant, chic and yet comfortable with these cute-cover ups.

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