Top 10 Bacteria Infested Hotspots in Your Home

There are more threats to your family’s health lurking around your home and everyday places you probably visit, than you might think. We took the liberty of listing a few of the more common ones, so be sure to keep an eye out for them and ensure that you’re protected.

  1. Spas and saunas - bacteria in the steam can actually cause illness so it is advisable to limit their usage to 20min.

  2. Money and cards – these are handled by many people, some of whom you have never met (money to be more specific) so they are prone to high levels of bacteria, try handle your notes and cards as little as possible, and use an anti-septic hand sanitizer when you do.

  3. Vacuum cleaner – vacuums need to be cleaned even though they are used to clean, after all they are home to your homes dirt.

  4. Kitchen sponge – this could possibly be the most bacterially infested item in your home so replace them regularly and use separate sponges for different surfaces.

  5. Toothbrushes – toothbrushes that are not dried after use will contract bacteria. Dry them after use and replace them on a regular basis.

  6. TV remote – remotes get touched by many people and come in contact with the floor and other household surfaces. In order to avoid coming in contact with germs on remotes wipe them regularly with disinfectant wipes and wash your hands often.

  7. Steering wheels – steering wheels can be nine times dirtier than toilet a seat which is why it is advisable to wipe your steering wheel with disinfectant wipes often and every time you wash your car.

  8. Suitcases – when travelling you do not actually know where your luggage has been or what germs it has come into contact with; keep disinfectant wipes handy at all times when travelling.

  9. Hands – you touch and handle everything with your hands so keep disinfectant wipes with you wherever you go, or perhaps for added convenience, use a trusted hand sanitizer gel.

These are but a few of the things in your home or nearby surroundings that could potentially leave you at risk of catching a virus, so take the necessary precautions and defend yourself.

This post was sponsored by Dettol in support of family health and hygiene, so be sure to visit their site for more tips on how to protect your family from bacteria.