Thankfulness does not covet nor complain

And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also all of you are called in one body; and be all of you thankful. – Colossians 3:15 KJV

What does it mean to be thankful? Does it simply mean a person says the words “thank you” quite often? Is that all Jesus wants to see in us when He instructs us by His Holy Spirit in His apostles to be thankful? Or is there something more?

I've known people who used the words “thank you” quite often, but who were always wanting more. They said they were thankful to God for everything, but they complained that their work was too hard, their car too old, their house too small, the temperature too hot or too cold, their body hurting too much, and so on. Is that the thankfulness Jesus desires to see in us?

[adsenseyu3]Being thankful is a condition of the heart which realizes it deserves nothing except judgment and eternal punishment in Hell, but sees that it has received instead, mercy, grace, peace, joy, love and all provision of all necessary things in Christ Jesus the Lord. True thankfulness does not desire more, except more to give back to the One who has given us all things.

Thankfulness does not covet nor complain. It doesn't say, “I'm thankful for this, but . . .”

To be truly thankful is to be content. True thankfulness goes a step beyond even just being content. To be thankful is to be hilariously joyfully content. It is to have the attitude of being completely and totally overwhelmed at the overabundant provision of God in all things – whether those things be a Rolls Royce or a bus ticket, a 42 room mansion or a hut with a dirt floor, the best suit from The Men's Warehouse or hand-me-downs from the Salvation Army.

We'd all be a lot better off financially if we were truly thankful. We likely wouldn't need to put ourselves in debt with loans and credit cards used for every little purchase we just “have to have” but cannot afford. We wouldn't have to work quite so hard just to have a bigger home and a better car. Not to mention that our relationships with people would be exponentially more blissful and loving since we would be thankful to even have people in our lives instead of critical of every little flaw we think we see in those people.

We would have so much more peace if we were simply, truly thankful. But alas, this is one more area where we need help. You need help. I need help. We are not there yet. We are not perfected. Jesus is still working on us.

Let's call on Jesus today. Shall we? I will. Let's ask Him to give us His peace that passes all understanding. Let's ask Him to open our eyes to see beyond just the fact that we are saved and sanctified. Let's ask Jesus to heal our spiritual ears so that we can hear the Father's heartbeat throbbing for the salvation of souls all around us. Let's ask Jesus to help us change our focus from watching out for own interests to truly serving the Kingdom of God by sharing His good news with people who are perishing all around us.

Let's call on Jesus and hear and do what He has to say. Shall we?

Jesus is calling us. He is calling me. He is calling you.

Jesus is calling.

What are you going to do?