Mentoring: Amanda Mbanga

When God says Yes nobody can say NO. And business woman, Amanda Mbanga is living proof of that. After working for ten years as a cashier, God unsettled her and she became tired of the direction that her life was taking. She then took a step of faith and started her own business. Today she is living out her dream and running three business that help people discover their gifts and talents.  Here is our interview with her as she shares  tips on running a successful business and what her future plans are.

Inside Woman: How did you get to know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour?

Amanda Mbanga: It was 6 years ago when I heard a small audible voice that carried so much weight that kept telling me to “Go To Church ". The voice was so consistent that I became irritated with it and ended up looking for this “church” I didn’t know. I saw a signboard with big these words written boldly:  "JESUS SAVES, HE IS RISEN, HE LIVES". I followed the sign until I got to this “church” building. When I walked in I was ushered straight to the His presence by the Worship and I answered to call. 

Inside Woman:  How has your belief systems contributed to your professional success?

Amanda Mbanga: My faith has contributed immensely on my professional success because everything and anything we see in life was created for a purpose and there was plan that was put together by God including me and you.

Inside Woman: What businesses were your previously been involved with? What was the outcome?

Amanda Mbanga: I have been involved in marketing, training, retail, facilitating, mentoring, coaching and event co-ordinating.  The outcomes of all these different businesses I have been involved with have all been different due to the experiences but above all growth has been the greatest outcome for me.

Inside Woman: What was the best learning lesson(s)? 

Amanda Mbanga: My best learning lessons were to be willing to learn new things, self-motivation, professionalism, proactiveness, accountability, performance and taking responsibility for all my businesses.

Inside Woman: What business are you currently involved with?

Amanda Mbanga:  All the business that I’m involved with start with the burning desire to help someone and then develops into a vision that I pursue until it becomes a reality. I save as little and as much as I can and invest in the dream literally every cent I get. Every business I have is self-funded.

[adsenseyu1]Inside Woman: How did you get started with it?

Amanda Mbanga:  I am currently involved in 3 businesses.

  • Entelekey Consulting is a business I have co-founded with the aim of providing tools in training to emerging businesses.

  • Map4life East London is my investment as a franchisee to help provide the platform for people to develop as individuals (personal, business, leadership) with proper tools in place.

  • Manda Concepts is a business I have recently founded to harness raw talent and potential that I see being wasted in our communities with the skills, resources, experiences and passion that I believe I have and will help groom, mentor, empower and uplift others.

Inside Woman: How did you know that the time was right to run with the vision that God has given you?

Amanda Mbanga: When I quit my job as a cashier almost 10 years ago I knew that a lot in my life had to change because God has great plans to prosper me.

Inside Woman: Can you talk us through the process from first having the idea to actually realising the dream?

Amanda Mbanga: With me it was when I felt sick and tired of being sick and tired (chuckles). When I acknowledged how unhappy I was where I was and knowing exactly where I wanted to be was a step closer to realising I have a dream. I took a BIG step of faith (some call it a risk) on my side to achieve this. I had to constantly remind myself that I AM CAPABLE and can achieve all that I set out to do.

Mentoring: Amanda Mbanga

Inside Woman: What role has education played in your business life?

Amanda Mbanga: Education is important and has helped me understand certain principles by becoming informed. It helps put things in perspective and assists in your growth and development.

Inside Woman: What’s the one thing you wish you’d known when you started as a business woman?

 Amanda Mbanga: That every day is not the same. At times you are faced with more challenges than opportunities and at times I feel like quitting and that I am a failure.

Inside Woman: What has been the best advice that you ever received as an entrepreneur?

Amanda Mbanga: FOCUS is key and that entrepreneurs are not born but made.

Inside Woman:  Tell us about your mentor and how they helped you achieve success?

Amanda Mbanga: I have had the privilege and honour of having more than one mentor since I got into business who all have invested and instilled wisdom in me and have influenced most of my decisions in life and business.

Inside Woman: You are also the franchise principal for Maps for Life?  How did you get into the business and what do you do as franchise principal?

Amanda Mbanga: I got into it through my passion of coaching and encouraging others to find their purpose in life. As a franchise principal, I am responsible for brand awareness, coaching, mentoring, facilitating trainings, delivering motivational talks to the public and private sector.

Inside Woman:  What are the biggest advantages of owning a franchised business versus being an independent business?

Amanda Mbanga: The advantages of owning a franchise business is that you save the time in crafting, designing, visualizing the vision and working yourself to the bone to make the vision work. Instead you invest in the vision and run with it.

Inside Woman: What kind of entrepreneur do you think would enjoy owning a franchise?

Amanda Mbanga: An entrepreneur who thinks and believes in multitasking and understands the principle of positioning for growth.

Inside Woman:  What are a few important things people should know about franchising?

Amanda Mbanga: There are systems put in place and rules you cannot bend or break to maintain the brand. You have a lot of accountability in your hands to make it work. You have to believe in the franchise. Basically you live the vision.

Mentoring: Amanda Mbanga

Inside Woman:  What have you learned to be the top three success factors for small business owners?

Amanda Mbanga: As a small business owner, you are an employee before you are the employer. You must understand that you have to put the effort first, before the money comes. And make sure that you invest your money back into your business.

Inside Woman: If you could do it all again, what would you do differently?

Amanda Mbanga: I would do a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats) analysis and market research first thing before exploring.

Inside Woman: How can new businesses start establishing credibility from day one?

Amanda Mbanga: By being professional, competitive and innovative.

Inside Woman: And what are some great marketing tools that you think small business owners should use to build their companies?

Amanda Mbanga: Some great marketing tools to use would be networking - using your existing networks including the social mediums. Another way is to do promotions, launches; recognise and reward your clients.

Inside Woman: What advice do you give to business women who are on the verge of giving up?

Amanda Mbanga:  As a woman, we were created by God to conceive, groom and be groomed, to bore a life, to nurture, to hold on and not give up on our babies. So, if you look into your business as a baby, can you tell me that you are willing to give it up?  Treat your business as your child/children. YOU CAN DO IT!

Inside Woman: Do you think women have to have a higher education or extensive business experience to start their own company?

Amanda Mbanga: No I do not think so. It all starts with a dream, educated or not you are born for a purpose and you have a lot of potential lying inside of you. You need to seek and find it and all the other things are added to that.

Inside Woman: What is your vision?

Amanda Mbanga: My Vision is to make a Positive Difference in the lives of so many people doing it one person at a time. I dream of an empowered and motivated society, especially our youth and I believe in women. I also think God favoured women in a special way (no offense to men).

Inside Woman: How do we get in touch with you?

Amanda Mbanga: You can get in touch with me via:


Facebook Page: Map4life East London

Twitter: @amandakambanga