Lessons from Deborah in the Bible

From various Bible scriptures, we learn that God sometimes decides to use a woman as the Plan A, first-best option for His purposes.

There are few exhortations to women in the Bible, and many samples of virtuous women as well as non-virtuous ones. Deborah was a judge and a prophetess; and the only woman ever to hold the position. The only other person who was a combination prophet/judge was Samuel.

[adsenseyu2]“She used to sit under the palm tree of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim; and the sons of Israel came up to her for judgment.” (Judges 4:5). The people of her time had no difficulty in accepting her as a judge.

Deborah means a ‘bee’ in Hebrew. It also means ‘spirited or fiery woman’. When attacked, Deborah could sting like a bee.

Let’s look to Deborah’s example of her love for the Lord, using her gifts and talents, and the end product of her obedience to the One she loved above all.

Put your relationship with God first. Despite her full life in various roles, Deborah heard from God that she was to call the warrior, Barak, into battle against the Canaanites. Without a reverent lifestyle behaving like a living sacrifice, dedicated to God—nothing matters.

Have courage to follow God’s commands. From the get go, Deborah possessed an unwavering commitment to do God’s will. It was her courage that enabled Barak to defeat the enemies. Had she been reluctant to follow God’s will, the nation would have remained oppressed.

Trust God and never rely on your own understanding. Although gifted in every sense of the word, Deborah relied completely on God for wisdom and leadership ability.

Embrace your different roles. Deborah was a prophetess, a wife, a mother, and a judge and she embraced all her roles faithfully. Be devoted to the various roles that God has entrusted you with. to fulfill her divine obligations

Be Steadfast. Deborah didn’t neglect or compromise her call from God. She did what she was called to do with the strength that God gave her. Debora was the solution God created to solve a problem He observed.

Stay in your lane. Deborah’s spiritual mantle created an atmosphere of courage for both men and women. Her influence led to the “strengthening” of others including a woman named Jael who personally destroyed Sisera (the enemy Barak feared fighting without Deborah). Read the details in Judges 4:17-22.

Ask for godly wisdom. People came to get Deborah for advice. Deborah was a spirit-led woman who was trusted by other's to give them godly wisdom.  She was recognised as one who possessed sound judgment and level thinking. The wise woman builds her house.

From Deborah we learn that God can accomplish great things through people who are willing to be led by Him. When we trust God, He can make the ordinary in our lives extraordinary.

Christian women, we can take a lesson from Deborah. Remember, the evidence of our faith is manifest solely in the fruit that it bears in our daily lives. May the Lord help us to perceive the true fruit of Christianity in the lives of those around us and not to be blinded by the outward show of Pharisaical religion

Are you willing and ready to be that woman?