Heart to Heart: Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini is an emotional analyst whose principles and ethics on emotional healing are founded on God’s kingdom principles. She is passionate about emotional healing and alignment to purpose. Her area of focus is on self –introspection in the area relationships. She believes that some of the problems encountered in relationships are as a result of a need to heal and grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Here is our heart to heart interview with her.

Inside Woman: What was the defining moment or experience that brought you to the realisation that you need Jesus Christ as Lord of your life?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: I gave my life to Christ while I was in a small village called Kinloch Rannoch in Scotland. I had always known about God and Jesus Christ but the moment when I decided to give my life to Him was a desire for more from life. I felt very tired, something I can describe as a sense of hopelessness, and I had suicidal thoughts but the desire for more from life kept me longing for something I knew existed but didn’t know how to attain.

Inside Woman: How has that relationship shaped your life? 

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: The relationship I have with God has and continuously fulfills the desire for more from life that I had, in terms of aligning my life to a purpose driven one, which for me is the source of fulfillment in all areas of my life.

Inside Woman: What’s been the most important learning experience in your Christian walk, and what lessons did you take from it?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: Most of my lessons have come from the area of relationships, but most importantly in the area of emotions in particular emotional healing through forgiveness. I was very broken and depressed as a result my relationships never worked, because I always felt victimized. When I opened the door to my emotions to God, He began to teach me a lot about forgiveness, and doing a self- introspection of my heart condition and above everything I learnt what it meant to walk in love and to demonstrate God’ love.

Inside Woman: Was there ever a time when you felt your faith slipping a little, when it looked and how did you allow God to help you back up again?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: There has been numerous times where I felt my faith slipping away, partly because I had been impatient, and didn’t understand seasons, but I would be reminded of the times when God had taken me out of impossible situations, and his unfailing love for me would then keep me grounded.

Inside woman: What inspires you to continue living a life that honours Jesus Christ daily?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: What really inspires to me to continue living a life that honors Jesus Christ is the knowledge of His faithfulness, His never changing love and the fact that He has never failed me and His word is always true.

Inside Woman: In your own words, define God’s love?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: I wouldn’t be able to describe God’s love because He is love. He spends time demonstrating His love and many times in a sacrificial manner.

Inside Woman: Tell us about your book Memoirs of Love Lessons?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: I wrote Memoirs of Love Lessons like a diary of love lessons. It is a compilation of short inspirational articles and each of them pregnant with lessons that were taught by God pertaining love and relationships. It was of course inspired by experiences that I personally went through and their relevance in our Christian walk today.

Inside Woman:  How can we tell if it's love? 

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: Love always brings out the best in you, love protects, it is kind, always forgives and judges not. Love will always have the best interest at heart. It encourages and builds lives, demonstrating ultimately the love of God.

Inside Woman: Why is it so difficult for women to see how noble and precious love can be?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini:  Sometimes it’s difficult for women to see how noble and precious love is, because sometimes they expect to receive love yet fail to trust the source of love and to love themselves before they can give out the love they already have. When we focus on ourselves and our needs we become too self absorbed that we lose the capacity to carry love for others.

Inside Woman: Do we look for love, wait for love or forget totally about it?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: I believe love will always find you. I believe you attract love by reflecting love to others.

Inside Woman: I have never heard anyone being called an emotional analyst. What exactly do you do?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: An emotional analyst focuses on the emotional aspect of a human being, by understanding emotions, what they communicate to the whole body and also just finding where the person is, because emotions may affect the entire thinking capability of a human being. People’s lives are shaped and understood by the kind of emotional behavior they manifest. Sometimes others even make crucial decisions yet their emotional state is unstable. An analyst provides therapeutic methods to bring balance and stability to the emotional aspect of a human being. Healing methods based on their talents, gifting brings the emotionally broken back to alignment.

Inside Woman: How do you as a life and emotional analyst help Christian women to live out their God given lives?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: An emotional analyst is a gift of healing emotions, fixing them if you may, so most of the time women are broken, so broken that they may have difficulty focusing on what God desires for them, sometimes even what God has done for them. I help them see God’s perspective on whatever issues they may be going through.

Inside Woman: What is your message to women who feel uncertain to what their God-given purpose is? 

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: I believe as you walk with God, you begin to pick the pieces of the bigger picture. I believe that our purpose is always wrapped up in the area that we struggle the most with, the area that God shapes us into his likeness with. I can say that they should just learn to walk with God everyday and they will find themselves exactly where they are meant to be.

Inside woman: Let’s talk about forgiveness. How do you define forgiveness?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: Forgiveness for me is the ability to release everything that may hold you back from enjoying God’s peace and ultimately being at a place of rest. It is power given unto us to untangle ourselves from crippling situations. It is letting go and letting God deal with it.

Inside Woman:  What do you believe are the most important elements of the forgiveness process? 

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: The most important element of the forgiveness process for me is to ask the Holy Spirit to help you forgive. This is because forgiveness is not really an easy process. Some things are more difficult to forgive and the Holy Spirit guides you into all areas that needs to be attended to and the people involved. He also guides you into what needs to be said, how to release those people and ultimately bless them. I must say that sometimes confronting those people might need to be done after the process of forgiveness because it allows God to work on you and on your behalf before any conversations may begin.

Inside Woman:What suggestions do you have for people who are trying to forgive someone?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: I can only suggest that anyone who is trying to forgive someone may ask the Holy Spirit to help them through the process.

Inside Woman: What do you think is the most common misconception about forgiveness?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: The misconception about forgiveness is that people may assume that they have forgiven someone but still lose their peace any time a thought about that person come. Ultimately a person that has forgiven someone must be able to look at them and have a pure conversation, and if that person has passed on, they must be able to be at peace with them.

Inside Woman: When do you know you are truly healed as a woman from hurt?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: When you have been truly healed as a woman from hurt, it is when you can talk about whatever happened and not break down again over it. When the pain is gone, even the memory of it will no longer hurt.

Inside Woman: If there was one thing you would like women to understand about forgiveness, what would it be?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: If there was one thing that I would like women to understand about forgiveness is that it is a continuous exercise, something that must be done all the time, everyday, it is a lifestyle... It is packaged with love.

Inside Woman: What do you say to people who are far from God, people struggling with their faith?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: I can only say you can never fully enjoy the relationship with God until you get closer to Him. In fact He desires intimacy with us. I believe He is always closer to us; all we need to do is to seek him and ask for that kind of closeness. I believe you can never have an unshakable faith if you do not know who you are walking with.

Inside Woman: What is the best piece of advice you have been given about being a godly woman?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: The best advice I have been given was to know the power and authority I have been given as a child of God, and to understand Grace, but most importantly to walk in wisdom knowing that there is God in everyone and never lower my God given standards.

Inside Woman: Why do you think it’s important it to have the support of matured Christian women surrounding you?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: The support of matured Christian women is important because they have a certain level of understanding especially when it comes to nurturing others and even wisdom in dealing with issues of the heart, home management and motherhood in general.

Inside woman: From interacting with women, what is the one challenge that you see women faced with today? 

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: The one that I see most women struggling with is the issue of forgiveness. They struggle with bitterness, anger and judgment over things that were done to them, some of them battle depression. It is very difficult to enjoy life with such burdens as unforgiveness.

Inside Woman: What is your advice to single women who feel they are being left behind? 

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: Single women who feel left out should focus on serving God and opening their hearts to God to help them learn how to manage relationships, manage emotions, and how to love themselves enough to be vessels for God’s love to dwell inside of them.

Inside Woman: Can you tell us about the women in your life who have played an important role and what roles they played?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: I have been impacted by a number of women in my life including my mother. I also look up to the life of Katherine Kulman, who was an evangelist and was used mightily by the Holy Spirit. She lived a life with God that was totally dedicated to serving him, and she left a legacy that we can learn from. I also admire my mother’s prayer life. I also admire my pastor, Zandi Thwala, who is radical and relevant in serving and teaching young women on the principles of the kingdom God. I also love Basetsana Khumalo; her life inspires me a lot. She is gracefully beautiful, and has made her mark in the industry, and still continuous to be inspirational for young woman.

Inside Woman: How do you balance your private life with your personal life?

Nompumelelo Precious Dlamini: I keep a small circle of people around me, so that I can manage and sustain those relationships with wisdom. I am also family oriented.