Heart to Heart: Nomfundo Ndziweni

We serve a wonderful, working God. A Healer, Deliverer and Restorer. No other person knows this more than Nomfundo Ndziweni, founder of . Despite the pain, hurt and dissapointments that she has faced, she is still walking tall.  She has been raped, used and abused and despite all of that she still trusts and adores God. Her testimony and view of life bears witness that God is good and He loves us more than we will ever know.

Inside Woman: In what ways do you see God guiding your journey?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: In my day to day living I see God’s hand and guidance as I pray earnestly for his wisdom in making day to day decisions and through answered prayers and His provision over my life and my family.

Inside Woman: How did you come to know Christ as your personal Saviour?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: I grew up in Church as a child and the teachings about Christ were eminent as I grew older at home and at Church but when I when I became a teenager I came to know Christ by making a personal decision to follow Him and that is how my journey started with Him.

Inside Woman: How important is your relationship with God?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: It is the most important part of my life, in fact God comes first in my life and I refuse anything that will divert me from building my relationship with God.

Inside Woman: What gives you the courage and tenacity to keep moving forward with life?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: My Faith in God, my family and the struggles I have faced over the years have kept me grounded and able to stand firm knowing that destiny awaits me.

Inside Woman: If someone has never prayed before or never asked God for help before and would like to start now, how would they go about doing that?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: I would start first by introducing that person to God, share with them about God and pray with them. I would do my best to help that person to get an understanding and knowledge of who God is to them and then lead them to have a relationship with God.

Inside Woman: Can you know God outside of Jesus?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: No I do not think so, God is a triune God, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and the Word of God is very clear that no ne can go to the Father (God) but through Jesus Christ( the Son).

[adsenseyu1]Inside Woman:  How do you live out your convictions in our diverse society?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: I have been able to live out my convictions with not so much struggle because I am a very curious person and I am always interested in other people’s faith /convictions. I am very out spoken and very confident about my convictions and I stand out without any fear. I learned from a very early age to walk with Christ as if he is coming tomorrow so I have always been exposed to public proclamation or preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Inside Woman: There’s so much confusion about what’s Biblically correct. How do you clearly, unmistakably know that it is God speaking to you, not the devil or your own voice?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: I have been privileged that I grew up in Church and my grandmother was born again so we became a Christian family, when I was still in Sunday school. I was baptised with the power of the Holy Spirit and spoke with tongues. Though I was very young that kept me taught me of how God speaks. Whenever I got confused I would seek the advice of the elders who guided me and helped to understand the way God works. Up until when I was older then I was able to identify God’s voice because it is so different and very gentle. I still cannot get used to it even to this day but I always pray that God should manifest himself in an evident way.

Inside Woman: We're in a new season. What season are you in now in your life?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: I am in a season of restoration, I have been through the most difficult time of my life and now it is my season to be restored in every area of my life.

Inside Woman:  When you close your eyes and see and empowered woman in Christ, what do you see?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: I see women of destiny that is what I call them - women who are destined for great things and favoured by God for times such as these.  I see women that God will mightily use in our generation and redeem his people and this nation.

Inside Woman:  When did you begin to know your call to the ministry of empowering and encouraging women in their gifts as part of the body of Christ?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: That was shortly after I was ordained to be in full time ministry after completing my theological training. I had this passion too speak to women whenever I was in a place where we were gathered. I used to have gatherings in my place when I lived in Soshanguve and would organise some outings with the girls just to talk about women issue outside the Church environment. Over the years this ministry has been growing in my heart and I have a yearning to do something that will empower; educate and uplift women spiritually, mentally, emotionally and financially.

Inside Woman: Tell us a bit about your Ministry?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: I love youth ministry, ever since I started my involvement in the ministry, I have been doing the youth ministry. Whenever I see young people my heart goes out to them. I know God has specifically anointed me for the youth ministry in the Kingdom of God. New Life youth ministry is my life. God gave me this ministry over the years and while serving in my Church it has always been evident where my place is.

Inside Woman:  What is the mission statement of your ministry?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: New Life youth is a ministry that seeks to equip, teach and transform lives of the youth and women through the preaching and the teaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, living a new life designed by God alone our hope of Glory.

Inside Woman: Why is spreading this message so important to you?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: In Matthew 28 vs 18-20, Jesus commanded us to go out and make disciples for Him and teaching them what he has taught us. I believe the youth is the future of our nation and I also believe that with women being empowered and given an opportunity to shine they can do great things. And because the youth is vibrant and innovative they are always ready to climb greater heights.

Inside Woman: What do you hope to accomplish through your ministry?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: I hope that God will use me to share his Word with his people that they may be transformed and be a helping hand to those in need and to those who live in poverty that New Life youth Ministry may be the vehicle to give people hope and a better life designed by God for their lives, for people from all walks of life and from different communities.

Inside Woman: Do you think that Churches have fallen away from some of these pillars of mentoring and educating our women in the themes and pillars of ethics and community involvement?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: Yes I think so and I have seen that in the Church women are slightly disregarded as vessels that God may use and also have diminished their role in Church hence you find less community involvement from our churches. If we read the Bible Paul’s supporters in his ministry were women and they played a vital role in spreading the Gospel. Women are powerful and if they can be empowered and be given all the necessary resources the Church would play a vital role in bringing back hope in our communities particularly in the area of our moral regeneration.

Inside Woman: What do you say to women who are struggling with the confidence to break out and be all that God has called them to be?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: I always encourage them with the Word of God.  I help them to break away from negativity that may surround them and I make sure that they understand that they are woman destined for great things and that Jesus is our hope of Glory. Giving them the knowledge that a woman’s worth is found only through Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ.

Inside Woman: Can you share with our readers some of your greatest seasons of brokenness and how Jesus got you through them?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: I have faced brokenness all my life; I was raped by a stranger when I was 5 years old on my way from school. I never had a father growing up, though I knew my dad and loved him he has never been a part of my life. This has haunted me all my life seeing him but never having him close. As a little girl I always wanted to have my father with me but it never happened no matter how much I hoped for it. In all that on the other hand I lived with my mom’s partner who was very abusive which made me to be a withdrawn child and very scared.

Jesus helped a lot as I grew older t understand that I have a Father in heaven and I learned over the years to accept things as they are and in the process to love and forgive my Father and embrace his absence in my life holding my head high and smiling whenever I meet with him.

Jesus also helped to heal from all the abuse and brokenness I faced growing up as a little girl and when I grew older as a young girl I sought refuge from the Lord and He helped to be a better person over the years.

Jesus also helped me to never seek love and attention from the men just because I never experienced a father/ daughter relationship.

I also experienced a season of a failed marriage relationship that never happened in my life having been taken to my in-laws staying there with the man who used and abused me instead. That left me broken and left me as a single mom. I never anticipated that in my life and certainly never wanted it. But Jesus came through once again in my life, having been through this season of brokenness I learned to love my son. I learned to forgive his father, above everything else Jesus taught me to forgive myself and love my self and embrace all these seasons in my life and move forward and that is what I do everyday.

Inside Woman:  Do you struggle with being a single woman?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: I have never struggled of being a single woman I had lived my life with a full understanding of who and what God has made me and I am a very confident and outspoken person so I always walk tall knowing that God is with me all the way.

Inside Woman: We have so many readers that are single moms just like you. How do you remain content in Christ while waiting?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: I love the word content because Jesus is the source of my contentment. I guess perhaps the fact that I was raised by a single mom I learned so much from her, though I never anticipated to experience this but God allowed it to happen to me. I have learned to trust in God and do the best that I can. I love my child and give him the best that I can and live up the rest to God.

Inside Woman:  Is there anything you would like to share with those readers about how you remain content during season when it seems like God is not moving?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: Never lose hope no matter how dark the clouds may be. Trust God whole heartedly. Do all that you can and never stop praying. Learn to forgive, love yourself no matter what, never be ashamed to ask for help and never stop smiling no matter how hurtful your situation may seem. The Word of God is life, stand on it in and out of season. Ephesians 6: 10-13 and Psalm 125 always kept me going.

Inside Woman:  Who has been a significant influence in your life and ministry?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: My mother has always supported me and she will even travel to wherever I may be ministering, from the day I went for my theological training to the day I was ordained for ministry she was always there and my late grandmother. These are great women of God who never allowed divorce and being single parents to deter them from God. I watched them and aspired to be a prayerful woman like my grandmother and to be kind, humble and loving woman like my mom.

My other mentor is pastor Mahlobo who I spent my first six years in ministry under His leadership and mentorship. He taught me so much about life and living a God fearing life as a child of God. Today I am a better person because he invested in my life and he empowered me to be the person I am today.

Inside Woman: What is your message of hope to broken women?

Nomfundo Ndziweni: Your brokenness is meant to bring you into your greatness, though you may not comprehend it now but in a new season all will be clear and explicit enough for you to know and see that God was with you all the time and that he allowed it to happen to you so that His purpose might be fulfilled. Never doubt God’s love and purpose for your life. Whatever He has brought over or allowed in your life, will not ruin your life. God has to break us first in order to make us. Never let go because He will never let go of your hand. When you have Him you have hope always and when all is said and done He will remain in you and with you.

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