Dear God: Feed discernment through my veins

Dear God: Feed discernment through my veins that the emotions which emanate from me today are filtered in truth and goodness.

When my daughter was in kindergarten she spoke words that taught me a powerful life lesson.

I don’t remember the circumstances, but, I remember clearly she asking for something and my response being no. Her response shook me.

Her five-year-old blue eyes welled up with tears as she said “Mommy, you hurt my HEART!”

I was stunned and after I regrouped, had a conversation about the difference between hurting feelings and hurting hearts.

Growing up, a day didn’t go past without me hearing my mom say that something hurt her to her heart.

Since my mom and daughter were close, I’m sure that’s where the phrase originated for her.

My daughter straight up told me that I, not my decision had hurt her heart.

It made wonder.

How many of us know the difference between hurt feelings and hurt hearts?

[adsenseyu1]We can CHOOSE the way we feel. We can CHOOSE to be happy, we can CHOOSE to be sad. We can CHOOSE to be offended or not.

But, when it comes to matters of the heart, the Bible says out of the heart’s abundance, the mouth speaks.

Take some time today and determine if there is damage done to your heart. God can help.

I was raised in a very strict, religious environment.

It didn’t turn my heart from God, but, because my heart had been deeply wounded by religious people, I wanted no part of religion.

I had to learn to separate God from religion.

And I had to learn to separate religion from people.

My heart wounds were DEEP. They were not surface feelings. I couldn’t even bring myself to pray to God at times.

Religiosity left me disgraced, ashamed and feeling like I could never go to God in prayer.

God worked on my heart.

I traded in the traditions, rules & regulations of men, for God’s life guide for me.

I didn’t wait to be in the presence of others to know God.

More importantly, I started BELIEVING and TRUSTING in God, BEYOND what I saw represented in PEOPLE.

I started holding MYSELF accountable for living up to God’s expectations of me and stopped looking at how religious leaders lived.

I no longer used what the person to the right, left or even in front of me did to soothe the tugging of my conscience.

Once I began to pause and allow space for God in my heart, he turned the insignificance of impossible into a resounding I’m Possible!

There are some days that I don’t FEEL like going on, yet, my HEART keeps beating strong. But, God!

When your hurt heart is healed, your hurt feelings will follow!

Allow God to “unbreak” your heart. Only HE can.

And unlike people, who can do things but won’t do them, HE WILL.