Mentoring: Nomthandazo Mashego

The world is full of women with great potential but because of fear they hold back. But Nomthandazo Mashego chose to be those "who know their God and do exploits in His name". Today she runs her own business Motau Draping, Decor and Catering with her partner Lorraine.  Her faith in God and her determination shines through in her speech and in her business. She's has learned to trust in the power of God and to believe that she is called and anointed to do exploits in His name. Here is our interview with her about her faith and her business.

Inside Woman: Tell us how you got to know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour?

Nomthandazo Mashego: As a little girl, I was very sick and doctors couldn't see what's wrong. My mom decided to pray continuously for me and it was my daily bread. Since then I have been a servant of Jesus and I'm nothing without Him.

Inside Woman: What has this relationship taught you about life and God’s plan for our lives?

Nomthandazo Mashego: That without faith it is impossible to please God; for he that cometh to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him - Hebrews 11:6.Without God as my foundation I'm nothing in all storms He is my Master. I cannot Plan for without Him. Jeremiah 21:11 teach us that Him alone have plans for us in everything we must consult our Planner, our Leader.

Inside Woman: What is it that made you want to go into business?

Nomthandazo Mashego: I'm born and anointed to lead. I had passion but I knew that this was more than a passion, it was an assignment. I knew I'm assigned to build an empire. I’m on an assignment to a light to others so that others can see that with God it’s possible.

Inside Woman: Tell us about Motau Draping, Decor and Catering?

Nomthandazo Mashego: Motau Draping, Decor and Catering was founded by two young women, Nomthandazo and Lorraine Mashego. We are driven by passion, commitment, dedication and service excellence which can be witnessed by each client we have rendered our services to. We make time to sit with every client and do a thorough needs analysis to make sure that we understand and meet their expectations.  Each and every event we create is unique - no two events look the same. Because of our attention to detail and focus on quality, our business has grown tremendously through referrals. Our aim is to make sure that each event we do meets its objectives and leaves a memorable experience for the client.

Inside Woman: How do you differentiate yourself from other businesses?

Nomthandazo Mashego: What differentiate us from others business like ours is our creativity and understanding that one clients attracts another client. We also don’t just follow the trends we create them. We set them so that we can stay at the top of our game. Every client is unique and we therefore blend their personality with the service we provide to make it a unique experience for them.

Mentoring: Nomthandazo Mashego

Inside Woman: How did you fund your company?

Nomthandazo Mashego: We didn’t want to risk it by taking a loan so we decided to invest our own money. Every bit we make we invest it back in the company and we have decided to do this for the next five years. We currently own 90% of our equipments.  We are open to receive funding but we also want to rely on our efforts so that we can continue to own the business without debt.

Inside Woman: How do you find clients?

Nomthandazo Mashego: We do marketing through networking and we rely on word of mouth from our existing clients hence we make sure that we produce the best events.  We also use Facebook to market our company.

Inside Woman: Is college/university education important when running your own business?

Nomthandazo Mashego: Education is important and business in itself is education. When you are running a business you need an open mind and a teachable attitude. Learning from other entrepreneurs is also an education on its own.

Inside Woman: Besides passion, what else do you need to keep running a successful business?

Nomthandazo Mashego: To run this business you will need dedication, creativity, patience, wisdom and have love for what you do. And remember to stay humble at all times and don’t wait for opportunities but create them.

Inside Woman: How do you keep being on top of your game?

Nomthandazo Mashego:  My relationship with God and treating every client like it’s the only client we have. Also having our loving family, the Mashego family and the support of the Motau team employees makes us the best company.

Inside Woman:  Many women are intimidated by business ownership. What challenges have you faced as a female entrepreneur and how have you overcome them?

Nomthandazo Mashego: I have not faced any unique challenges as a woman. I believe that even if I was a man I would still face the same challenges. This is a possible journey for women because we are all capable. God has trusted with big opportunities and He has Graced us with the strength to do it. We need to be wise in how we use our gifts.

Inside Woman: Do you ever have times when you want to leave it all behind and do something else?

Nomthandazo Mashego: Honestly, this is my calling.

Inside Woman: What have been the benefits for you of being an entrepreneur?

Nomthandazo Mashego: Having created employment for other young people and being responsible is encouraging enough. And growing up daily and knowing that people look up to me keeps me firmly planted.

Inside Woman:  What role has your faith played in those tough times of your entrepreneurial life?

Nomthandazo Mashego: I am who I am because of my faith and it keeps me going. My faith keeps me connected to God who is my Source of Strength. Without faith in this journey I won’t be able to make it. God is my foundation. Christ is my Rock, my Pillar and My CEO. Without Him there is no Motau Draping, Decor and Catering.

Mentoring: Nomthandazo Mashego

Inside Woman: Why do you think many start ups fail?

Nomthandazo Mashego: Depending on someone else for your success and not being realistic with your goals sets you up for failure.  And spending your money on material things after your first deal means you are not ready to build a sustainable business.

Inside Woman: Do you have a mentor(s) and what role (s) have they played in your life?

Nomthandazo Mashego: Yes I have a mentor and her name is Mrs Cleo Bodibe Lushaba who is the head of the Local Economic Development Mentorship. She has helped me to stay focused and she always offer advice to help me grow the business.  I also learn from other people who I read about.

[adsenseyu1]Inside Woman: Following your passions instead of working the standard 9-to-5 can be risky. What advice do you have for women who want to take their career in this direction?

Nomthandazo Mashego: We have the power to do all things through Christ who strengthen us. Are you going to let fear stop you or are you going to take a stand for your God given vision? Of course it’s not easy but Greater is He who is us that he that is in the world. There are no manuals or one size fits all business plans. But there is the unique you and it’s time for you to stand up and trust God and make your mark! If it’s in you then you need to do it!

Inside Woman: What do you say to Christian women who have identified their gifts and talents but still feel stuck?

Nomthandazo Mashego: Great woman Hannah knew what she wanted and she knew that her womb was able to carry a baby. So she focused all her energies on the Master who answered prayer and got what was due to her.  Joseph was called to lead but was sold as a slave by his brothers but still that didn’t stop what God had for Him. Whatever you are trusting God for it may not be happening now but in due season God will have the last word in your life. Don’t just sit around; push in prayer and do what you need to do in the natural until it’s you see it come to pass.

Inside Woman: If you had to do this all over again what would you change?

Nomthandazo Mashego: Nothing, I won't change anything.

Inside Woman: What’s next for you?

Nomthandazo Mashego: Even the sky is not the limit. We are growing Motau brand to be a force to be reckoned with. I would also like to grow a little more as a woman of God in my walk and to eventually own a communication centre.

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