How to find a good job in Cape Town

Working in Cape Town is an incredibly good experience. You will discover lots of new people, and new working methods. Life in Cape Town is never the same again for the people who make the move to this tranquil and beautiful city.
With the news that the broadband infrastructure programme budget has been increased, Cape Town has been firmly cemented as the capital for many jobs.If you are looking for a job in Cape Town, it is best to do your research first on which sectors have the most job openings. There are many job offers in the city. Jobs are usually interesting, legal and well paid. You just need to have the energy to look for them.

Don’t despair at newspaper headlines – proactive and prepared graduates and skilled professionals are still successfully finding work.

The usual guidelines for any modern city apply when looking for work in Cape Town. Newspapers, websites and employment agencies can help you find a job.

A great place to explore your options or look for work is Gumtree but beware phishing and money laundering scams. Gumtree has a lot of offers on all the latest jobs and the website is updated daily.

There are many solutions in order to find a good job in Cape Town. Here are five tips:

  1. Ensure your CV is up to date and don’t hesitate to adapt your CV according to the job.

  2. A positive attitude and enthusiasm are just as important as a degree.

  3. Demonstrate that you are ambitious and not egotistical and channel neutral, not single-minded.

  4. Constantly build skills base and have an awareness of what customers/clients are looking for and responding to.

  5. Many jobs are not advertised. Get in touch with your professional contacts to help you find out about these potential vacancies.

Remember, social and career networking sites are the latest tools for job seekers and employers. They can help improve your job search results. If you use them, think about your goals and how to present a professional image.

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