Dear God: Shower a blessing upon every reader

Dear God: Shower a blessing upon every reader of these words. Release what has been bound, and produce manifestation of our dreams!

Once a film is done and ready to be broadcast, it is referred to as being “in the can”. Much as award-winning movies are broken down into many acts and undergo several revisions, our lives are in a constant state of change.

That is, if we are to progress forward. By the time we see a blockbuster movie on the screen, years of work have gone into it.

There’s the writing and re-writing.
There’s finding the producer.
There’s acquiring the funding.
There’s the legal negotiations.
There’s casting the characters.
There’s finding the locations.
There’s hiring the crew.
There’s acquiring licenses and permits.
There’s acquiring insurance.

And all of the above happens before a camera is even set up to shoot the first scene.

Who is producing your life?

Who is assisting in the development of your dreams?

We often pay attention only to the characters who play an active role in our lives.

What about the other active roles that are happening in tandem with our dreams?

What permissions do we grant to others?

Who invests in our dreams?

What scenes need to be written?

Who have we given the authority to speak over our lives that we need to revoke?

There are some films that go through the entire process and never make it to the big screen.

How many dreams deferred do you have “in the can”?

What have you started and not finished?

Perhaps you need to recast some characters.

Perhaps you need to choose another producer
What dreams do you have “in the can” that are begging for expression and waiting to be released?

As you think about the answers to these questions I urge you to consider this:

You alone are responsible for making your dreams a reality. There are others who have the desire to turn your dream into a nightmare.

Put THEM “in the can” and release your dreams into the blockbuster success God has already commanded them to be.

Because no matter how insecure, uncertain or hesitant you are about making your dreams a reality: you CAN.



@thatwritingchic is a journalist, author, television writer/producer and the CEO of amass digital. She likes to live tweet television shows, since twitter is where most of the content from her book series "Dear God: Passionate Prayers in 140 Characters or Less" was written. Volume 1 - The Power of Words is to be released 8/26/14.

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