Wise up on Beauty Treatments

The growing number of spas and beauty salons in our country, the most challenging concerns for many spa goers, is which spa to go to and which treatment choices to go for?
Reading a spa review from another spa user can save you time and be a major deciding factor in helping you select the most suitable spa and service type for you.

Unfortunately, the internet research on spa locations and treatment options in our country can be very time consuming and very limited. However, there are certain websites dedicated to finding suitable spa locations and treatments for you. Spa goer’s reviews on sites such as www.prettysmart.co.za will tell you everything you need to know about the location and often give you "insider" information to help you maximise your next spa visit.

PrettySmart was launched in 2013. The website has reviews on whether or not certain treatments really deliver on their promises and which salons are doing those treatments well. Remember that the ratings and reviews are subjective, but indicative of how the different reviewers rate the different spas.

The reviews include ratings for ambiance, hygiene, staff service and results of the various treatment. Search options on the website include the location of the spa and the type of treatment.


The PrettySmart website also lists all beauty salons, spas, nail bars and aesthetic clinics on one website. They however don’t list hairstylists. The website is also great for finding telephone numbers, addresses, price-lists and even specials!

When you write  a review on the PrettySmart website, your next salon trip could pay for itself! Every week, PrettySmart gives one spa reviewer a chance to win a 500 spa voucher.

Besides the chance to win a R500 spa voucher, when you write a review you will be helping a sister to make an informed decision before they contact a particular spa. And having websites like www.prettysmart.co.za will help to “regulate” the industry by ensuring that the spa owners maintain high standards because the spa industry in the country is not regulated.

The more information you have about a spa the better prepared you will be to make an informed decision. So before you book that spa treatment, remember to visit the PrettySmart website to see what others have to say about various spas and treatments. In case you are unable to decide between the different treatments, you can highlight key information in the review and prepare a list of questions before you contact a spa you want to book.

And after your treatment, be sure to write your review about your spa experience.

Visit: www.prettysmart.co.za