Mentoring: Lerato Moeng

God has given each of us gifts to use in specific ways. Lerato Moeng enjoys helping people who are feeling stuck in life to move forward.  She is the co-founder of Virtue Corner Consulting. Here is our interview with her on her work and her mission in life.

Inside Woman Online: How did you get to know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour?

Lerato Moeng: God will do whatever, use anything to get anyone to Him and we know it: but He leaves the choice to us. I grew up going to Church and this was normal thing. That’s the life I knew. One day I attended our Church’s youth conference. Things had just taken a turn in our denomination and older more matured brothers and their wives were preaching the gospel of Salvation. It’s like they grew out of nowhere. In that particular session they preached, I was partially listening because of the noise that was going on at the back. An alter call was made and it made no difference to me. One woman led a song, a simple song in a very tiny voice. Its like heaven was pulling me. It was not much about the wording of the song, but it was like that voice was inadvertently telling me that God is alive and calling me. I think I was still a bit playful when I responded and started my confession prayer. However the moment I finished and left the front I knew that was real, this was it and there is no going back for me. I loved it, I felt complete. God has a way of taking me by surprise.

Inside Woman: Why do you think it’s important to follow your dreams?

Lerato Moeng: It gives you a sense of purpose and stirs courage within you. Dreams are there to keep us alive and active. They are able to bring the best out of us, propels us to achieve. They keep us focused and have the ability to affect those around us positively.

Inside Woman: You have an extensive background in counselling. How did you make the transition from counselling to coaching?

Lerato Moeng: Virtue Corner Consulting, the company I co-founded offered me an excellent opportunity to do that and I enrolled with a leadership and strategic coaching and mentoring institute to ensure I am well equipped.

Inside Woman:  Tell us about your coaching businesses and how they can help point people in the right direction.

Lerato Moeng: Virtue Corner Consulting is all about helping people to unlock their potential and attaining their limitless opportunities and success either by coaching, motivation or training. 

Inside Woman: What types of services do you offer?

Lerato Moeng:  Coaching, mentoring, motivation and training.

Inside Woman: Are there types of coaching and wow do you describe your coaching style?

Lerato Moeng: We do life, career and learner development coaching.

Inside Woman: What role has education played in helping you build your business and not just have a successful career?

Lerato Moeng: Education has fine tuned me, added into my DNA and propelled me to the right direction. I can’t separate myself from the line of business I do, that’s who I am and everything I have ever studied helped to prepare to be able to take the skill into business. It afforded me the opportunity to get practice and I have to continually educate myself in order to stay abreast with new trends and developments. 

Inside Woman: What are the biggest misconceptions about Life Coaching?

Lerato Moeng : Coaching is an expensive and unnecessary luxury. A coach will tell you what to do

Inside Woman: How do you incorporate God or biblical principles into your life coaching?

Lerato Moeng: The “greater force” component of coaching, principles and values affords me the opportunity to incorporate God in life coaching.

Inside Woman: How has your relationship with Jesus Christ impacted your businesses?

Lerato Moeng: My relationship with Christ reminds me that I am here for a purpose. Helping people to maximise their ability is part of who I am. The word teaches us that Christ will teach us how to make profit thus I have learned to inquire from God about directions to take and once He has given direction I know, it’s just a matter of time before we see positive results.

Inside Woman: Why would anyone need a life coach? 

Lerato Moeng: A coach will help you bring balance between content and process. Will support you in achieving your goals by helping you to maximise your potential, live your dream and fulfill your purpose.

Inside Woman:  In order to get the most from life coaching, what advice would you give to someone looking to become a coaching client?

Lerato Moeng: Just bring your curiosity, passion and goals to the table, and then we are set for an amazing journey.

Mentoring: Lerato Moeng

Inside Woman: What do you say to someone who is pursuing their purpose?

Lerato Moeng: Keep your eyes on the goal and don’t ever allow the challenges, humps and storms of life to abort your purpose.

Inside Woman: What is the most common issue that you assist clients with?

Lerato Moeng: Untangling and unpacking what seems like a complicated without much hope dream, into a more doable, achievable dream.

Inside Woman: From your point of view, what would be a short list of tips to success that you could share with our readers?


·         Know what you are aiming for
·         Have deadline for every goal that leads to that ultimate success
·         Put structures in place to help you get there. Work on them and update them as you go by
·         Score yourself based on the progress you are making
·         Make sure that each day that passes you have made  at least one thing that we help you attain that success
·         Ask for help where needed
·         Learn to celebrate minor achievements, they will encourage you to achieve more

Inside Woman: How can women achieve their goals without sacrificing their values?

Lerato MoengThe need remember that values make you who you are. Being true to who you are is the first step. Always remember that for every negative thing that can cause you to sacrifice your values, there is an opposite positive thing that will help you achieve your goal while maintaining your values. Learn to exercise patience and perseverance; it’s not always about a simple way out.

Inside Woman: What is keeping women from living their best life?


·         Fear to make changes on what seems like a secure smooth life, even when you desire more or a different path
·         Laziness: failing to stretch and challenge self to achieving higher.
·         Lack of motivation or even great role models / examples.

Inside Woman: Where do you see your Life Coaching business going in the New Year? What are you most excited about bringing into the world to help your clients?

Lerato Moeng: Making great moves especially in our learner development program. We are excited about bringing hope and clarity and direction to the learners that we will work with this year. Our learners deserve and opportunity to be mentored and taught strategic planning at an early age.

Inside Woman: Where can people get hold of you? 

Lerato Moeng: My contacts are:


Mobile:    0731815260