Dear God: Please give ear to the cries of the desperate

Dear God: Please give ear to the cries of the desperate who long for your response. Grant them relief from their enemies.

Have you ever found yourself in a desperate situation?

I have.

There have been times in my life when I have just wanted to go hide out in a cave. It seems the closer I get to accomplishing something great, enemies and trials appear out of no where.

Now, part of me realizes that’s just life. If the enemy challenged God and tested Job to prove that he was faithful to Him, who am I?

I can’t even blame the enemy for everything, because some of it is reaping and sowing. But, what happens when I get desperate?


How should we react?

David was being pursued by his enemies. So, he went to hide out. And he expressed his desperation to God in Psalm 54, 55.

Psalm 54: 1,2

“God, for you sake, help me! Use your influence to clear me.”

“Listen, God – I’m desperate. Don’t be too busy to hear me.”

David, referred to as “a man after God’s heart” was desperate.

His heart was full of despair.

In Psalm 55: 2,4,5 David describes the physical and emotional toll despair took on him:

“I shudder at the mean voice, quail before the evil eye. My insides are turned inside out…I shake with fear. I shudder from head to foot.”

Verses, 3,4 give the reason:

“Outlaws are out to get me, hit men are trying to kill me. “Nothing will stop them, God means nothing to them.”

In his despair, David says what his soul longs for:

In Psalm 55: 7,8 David says what he wants most.

“I want some peace and quiet. “I want a walk in the country. “I want a cabin in the woods. “I’m desperate for a chance from rage and stormy weather.”

How would you rate your despair? Is your desperation at a 10 – where someone is seeking to kill you?

It could be character assassination, not physical death. Then cry out to God to use his influence to clear your name.

No matter how we rate our despair, desperation should not separate us from God. Like David, we may panic and go into hiding.

But, the end result should be the same as outlined in Psalm 54: 6,7.

And in the end, David was “ready now to worship, so ready.”

He continued to thank God for his goodness.


“You got me out of every scrape and I saw my enemies get it.”

Don’t allow desperation to confuse you. Realize that no matter what it feels like, God has your back.


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Dear God: Please give ear to the cries of the desperateSuncera Johnson aka That Writing Chic is a freelance writer and former freelance producer and editor for MTV Networks.  A former freelance writer for Rolling Out Magazine . She is currently the CEO of   and the author . She loves the Lord. The rest of her time is spent with her family and writing, writing, writing, and more writing.