10 Strange but Useful Beauty Tips for The Ladies

Every woman has her own beauty secrets; some men have their own too. The following beauty tips might be slightly strange and out of the ordinary but often it’s the weirdest things that make the biggest difference.

Our list of 10 beauty secrets that anyone can use:

1. To get rid of puffiness around your eyes:

Put a teaspoon in the fridge for 5minutes or so and then apply it to your eyes. This can also be done to reduce swelling. Slices of potato or cucumber will have a similar effect.

2. Natural facial scrub:

You can make a great scrub with beach sand and water while on holiday. It’s natural, healthy and free.

3. Homemade highlights:

You can use lemon juice to create natural highlights in your hair. Mix one portion of water with one portion of lemon juice and apply it to the sections that you want to highlight and then let it dry out in the sun.

4. Natural teeth whitening

Rubbing your teeth with a strawberry is a fantastic way to naturally whiten your teeth. The acid content in the strawberry will not damage your teeth at all but be sure to rinse your mouth afterwards.

5. Strange Pimple buster:

Toothpaste can be used to get rid of pimples overnight. Simply apply a plain white toothpaste to the spot and leave it overnight and your problem will be solved. However, it should not be done very often.


6. A useful work around for when you run out of hair shampoo:

Dry shampoo is a regular feature in most of your travel bags. If you run out or forgot to pack it then don’t worry because you can use baby powder as an alternative. Apply it to your roots with a makeup brush and remove the excess with a hairbrush and your will look as if it had just been washed.

7. Natural lip stain:

Lip stains have become very popular of late. Beetroot and its juices make an unbelievable lip stain, and the colour is very fashionable at the moment.

8. Another shampoo alternative:

If you happen to run out of your favourite shampoo you can use eggs as a replacement. Mix two or three eggs in a bowl and wash your hair with it, massage it into your hair and it will create foam. After the wash, rinse and apply your conditioner. If you don’t have conditioner you can add three tablespoons of vinegar, one tablespoon of water and a few drops of any aromatic oil that you like. This will wash your hair, leave it looking shiny and smelling great.

9. Strengthening your nails

Lemons can be used to strengthen weak nails and prevent them from breaking easily. Cut a lemon in half and dip your fingers inside for about ten minutes and the treatment will be complete.

10. Natural makeup remover

Olive oil is primarily used when cooking but it also doubles up as a great makeup remover. Olive oil is very gentle and it hydrates your skin while filling it with vitamins.

Never underestimate the power of anything out of the ordinary, because as you have seen it can be as effective, if not more so than the conventional methods people use. It is important to remember that not all skin types are the same therefore it is important that if you experience any irritation while using any of these methods, you see a doctor immediately as you might be experiencing an allergic reaction to the ingredients used. So remember, stay happy and stay beautiful, and if you found these tips useful, then you’ll like the Veet Beauty Secrets website.

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