Let's hear it from the sisters

As we celebrate International Women's Day, let's remember to celebrate our God, the Maker of all that is beautiful; and that include us. We are made by Love out of Love. Glorious, Glorious God we serve.

As we celebrate who God made us to be and who we are individually and collectively,  let's hear it from the sisters.

Be stubborn with your passion but be open to new ideas. You have to believe your "baby is pretty," even if others think she is ugly. This is a game that has to be played big - Wee Yen Lim

Self-belief is critical. Doing your absolute best every moment is non-negotiable. How you show up determines how you deliver ~ Tantaswa Fubu

Be strong, and independent, so that you can grow by yourself. Be competent, implement ethics and responsibility in the work you do. Learn to balance work and personal life - Sandra Portugal

Having interacted with people across the world has really helped me change the way I think. I realize how important it is to listen and to understand other people’s perspectives because the more I hear from others, the less I feel I know - Michelle Wang


Be open to learn. Make good use of the takeaway. Build trust in relationships. Understand yourself and be honest when you are not capable - Yvonne Chow

Ladies, our biggest accomplishment in life is to work hard with passion to get our dreams. But, never stop being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a grandmother….that is when you can say you are a successful woman - Dafnee de Frias

The world needs healing and change and we can’t expect others to bring about the changes we would like to see. We must start where we are. Perhaps the biggest global impact we can have starts by healing ourselves. The path can sometimes feel challenging and lonely but when we are aligned with our purpose and are determined to achieve our unique contribution, anything is possible - Fabiola Benavente

Challenges are the best part, because that is when you grow. When you face a problem, and turn it into an opportunity - Lucero Franco

“[I’ve learned] not only in business but also in my life, that the perfect moment is now. Even if you don’t understand it, you will – everything happens to for a reason. You have to do it when you feel most inspired, not be scared, not be afraid; whatever the consequences, that is the way it has had to happen - Estefany Marte