How to balance your life

Often late for work? Your friends forgotten what you look like because you’re always too tired to see them? Your life may be out of balance, and it’s time to find out what’s missing. Your life is like a building that’s held up by 4 pillars: homemoney,work, and time out.

“Often the pillars of life are tipped in one direction or the other,” says life coach Samantha Lewis. “Some days, you may find your attention is focused more on money issues, and other days you may be totally focused on relationships. It’s okay to have the pillars slightly uneven, but when they are completely unbalanced and you find yourself constantly sliding towards one area of life, it’s a sign to stop and check in with where you are.”

Read on to find out if any of your pillars are too long or too short.

Pillar 1: home

Your home doesn’t need to be straight out of a magazine (phew!), but an organised, comfortable space is the sign of a balanced life.

How do you know if your home life is balanced? If the answer to 3 or more of these questions is “no”, you might need to give it a bit more attention:

  • Do you feel comfortable and relaxed in your home?

  • Do you spend enough time with your friends or family to know about the things they’re doing and feeling on an average day?

  • Do you have healthy relationships with your friends and family (do you respect each other and get on well)?

  • Would you be proud of your home if guests arrived unannounced?

Pillar 2: work

It’s good to set goals and even better to achieve them, but you can’t expect to do either if you don’t enjoy your job or have enough energy to focus on it. This means finding a job that interests you, getting enough sleep to be awake and alert, and setting realistic goals that you can achieve.

If the answer to 3 or more of the questions below is “no”, your work life may need a bit more energy:

  • Do you arrive at work on time most days?

  • Are you energised when you get to work?

  • Do you enjoy your job most of the time?

  • Are you setting and achieving goals?


Pillar 3: money

This is the pillar that’s often the most stressful and out of balance. It’s easy to become very despondent if you work extremely hard, but it doesn’t reflect in your bank account and you still can’t afford to buy what you need.

Not sure if your money is under control? If the answer to 3 or more of these questions is “no”, it might not be:

  • Can you handle your debt without too much worry or stress?

  • Does the money you earn usually last the whole month?

  • If you needed to see the doctor unexpectedly, would you have enough cash (saved or budgeted for) to cover the unexpected bill?

  • Do you know roughly how much you spend every month?

Pillar 4: time out

It’s very important to take time out to relax, or you may be at risk of burning out. When we’re stressed, our hobbies and relaxation times are often the first to be given up, when they are the things that will keep us going.

If your answer to 3 or more of these questions is “no”, you may need a little more time out:

  • Do you feel relaxed and able to chat with your friends or family when you get home from work?

  • Can you think of 3 fun, relaxing things you did in the last week?

  • Do you have any hobbies or interests that energise you regularly?

  • Do you ever have time to do whatever you want?

Source: Capitec