Dear God: Thank you

Dear God: Thank you for exposing and removing the enemy’s distractions from my life.

Have you ever noticed that just as God is moving, distractions appear in your life?

Pay attention to the chatter around you, but be aware that sometimes chatter is just chatter.

When we become extremely busy, we need to make sure that we don’t confuse busyness with business.

Our sense of urgency should never be predicated upon someone else’s.

Never lose sight of the specific plan God has for you, even as you help others.

Joseph got distracted.

For years, God was preparing him for his purpose.

Joseph’s training included:


When Joseph THOUGHT he had enough and was ready, God shut him down.


By promoting and demoting others right in front of him.

Although Joseph was instrumental in getting the cupbearer and baker to the next level, it wasn’t his time.


God wasn’t done processing him.

When he interpreted the cupbearer’s dream, because it was favorable, Joseph tried to insert himself into it.

He told the cupbearer to “remember” him as if God who provided him with the revelation of the dream had forgotten him.

But to the Baker, who was destined for execution, he said nothing.

1). God is always making a way for us. Even when we think we are forgotten.

2). God may lead us to manifest a dream in someone else long before he fulfills ours.

3). Even when God helps us reveal the dreams of others, some of them will die and not flourish.

In the end, Joseph was promoted in such a way that he was described as the ONLY person for the job.


What about us?

Are we distracted when God sends us to facilitate someone else’s dream?

Do we minimize the value of our own process instead of trusting God’s timing?

Just as Joseph did, there will be those who see the favorable outcome God has planned for you.

They become distracted and attempt to get you to promote their agendas in concert or even ahead of yours.

“Remember me…”

“Don’t forget about me…”

KNOW THIS: Even if you tried, you could not get them any closer to their dream than God allows.

Don’t become distracted by the move of God in someone else’s life.

Don’t allow others to distract you from your process.

After all, if we diss the traction we are making, we run the risk of distancing ourselves from God’s plan for us.

And that distance may be enough to cause our dreams to be killed.

Just like the Baker.