Dear God: Thank you for words of confirmation

Dear God: Thank you for words of confirmation. You never leave any doubts about the stirring in my heart and your plan for me.

Proceed with caution in following your heart, UNLESS you have allowed God to mold it – then “run free”!

There have been times in my life that I have become BURDENED with a choice and LABORED over a decision.

It is as if my heart and spirit are at war and I need to determine at those moments if my heart is aligned with God’s plan for me.

Just when I get to THAT point, the one where I feel like I am waging mental and physical war between human logic and Holy Spirit guidance:

God. Shows. Up.

And when God shows up, it’s not always in and out. It is not always shock & awe. It is often like in the Garden of Eden:

When God showed up to commune with Adam, it was during the peaceful time of the day.

During a “breeze.”

It’s no surprise that God answers in silence and in ways we cannot imagine.

Sometimes God resolves my dilemma – although I don’t yet have the SOLUTION, but I have the ANSWER.

Too many times we seek God for solutions when he wants us to hear his RESPONSE which will show us the direction we should take.

Do not shirk at or miss out on the way God answers.

I often purchase books and leave them never to be read UNTIL…

the VERY MOMENT I read it –  and it’s EXACTLY what I need.

“Accidentally on Purpose”.

Sometimes the words of a song will be stuck in my head for days.

And THEN, I realize the connection of the lyrics to what I have been seeking the answer to.

Don’t sleep on whom or what God will use to speak to you.


I am passionate about music and words.

Why wouldn’t he use them to speak to my heart?

Too often we do not recognize that we have heard from God because his voice is clear, pure and simple.

We are too busy waiting for fire, brimstone, thunder and lightening.

Jesus did not go in the wilderness to spend time with his Father because he could not hear God.

He needed to be refreshed.

Yet on a daily basis, he communed with God throughout the course of the day.

If you think that the ONLY time that you can “get a word” from God is on Sunday morning in church: YOU DO NOT KNOW GOD.

If you think that you cannot pray on your own and have the Holy Spirit guide you in his reply: YOU DO NOT KNOW GOD.

If you only open your Bible on Sunday and the only prayer you utter is over food or in times of trouble. STOP IT! YOU DO NOT KNOW GOD.

Too many people are asking God to dig them out of ditches as they bury themselves. YOU DO NOT KNOW GOD.

Too many folks try to make God into this untouchable being that we cannot share our heart. YOU DO NOT KNOW GOD.

I could go on for days, but I will make it simple:

Someone reading this is desperately seeking an answer that God has ALREADY given and confirmed.

Our flesh wants to know why and how.

God says : JUST. DO. IT.

He will provide.

Rest assured of that!

Sometimes God’s message to us is a principle that we need to accept and NOT a process for us to implement.

Whatever it is: JUST. DO. IT.

When God got Moses’ attention it was in the course of him going about his day.

Where will God meet YOU today & what will he say?

Do you know him well enough to recognize his voice?


Don’t live a life with NO GOD.

Because nothing brings more peace than to KNOW.


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Dear God: Thank you for words of confirmationSuncera Johnson aka That Writing Chic is a freelance writer and former freelance producer and editor for MTV Networks.  A former freelance writer for Rolling Out Magazine . She is currently the CEO of   and the author . She loves the Lord. The rest of her time is spent with her family and writing, writing, writing, and more writing.