5 Beauty secrets from the experts

Katlego Phajane, a 24-year-old quantitative management student charmed judges to be crowned Miss Veet  SA 2014.

Winning Miss Veet SA 2014 has given Katlego the opportunity to establish her modelling career as she was awarded a professional modelling contract to the value of R150 000.00, and also walks away with other prizes to the value of R100 000.00.

Her secret?

Katlego has maintained a healthy mind, body and skin; and she continues to learn and she never leaves home without her feminine energy. And because she feels good on the inside, she looks good on the outside

But let’s be honest, keeping on top of it all can sometimes be very confusing and overwhelming; and you may just need a little extra help along the way.  

Fortunately for you, you don't have to resort to drastic measures to get ready for a red carpet event, or simply doll up for the day.  You can access the Veet Beauty Secrets website. The website is aimed at helping you as a woman to reclaim your vibrancy by sharing simple lifestyle tips on beauty, fitness, fashion, and health.  With experts such as Melinda Bam, Cindy Nel and Poppy Ntshongwana, you  will be able to get through the everyday hustle and bustle of your beauty routine from top to toe.   Considering they get personal face time with some of the biggest names in the beauty biz, it's no surprise these girls know what works and what doesn't. 

To get you started, here are the five beauty tips from the Veet Beauty Secrets team: 

1. The right shorts for your body

5 Beauty secrets from the experts

There’s no need to hide your legs away this summer. With so many different shorts out there it’s not hard to find a pair that suit your body and show off your beautiful leg. No matter which style suits you, one style suits everyone: gorgeously smooth Veet legs. Once you’ve used Veet and have these lovely legs, dress them up in the style most suited to you:

  • Cropped: These shorts are cropped under the knee and are not good for short people as it can make a short person look even shorter. This look is most flattering if you are long and tall.

  • Ultra-Short: This cut looks best on shorter people as it lengthens the leg and creates the impression of having a lot more of it.  Avoid ultra-short shorts when you’re long and tall as this could show too much leg.

  • High Waisted: Another great pair of shorts that will create the impression of longer legs is the high waisted short. To create an even longer leg, pair with some snazzy heels. This look is also good for ladies who lack curves as this style can draw attention to your waist.

  • Bermuda: Don’t think that because you are a more curvaceous lady that shorts aren’t for you. Bermuda shorts, which end just above the knee, are extremely flattering for the more curvy body type.

2. Shopping for Shades...tip for Sunglasses

5 Beauty secrets from the experts

Be sure to purchase glasses according to your face shape, and don't try to match the colour of your sunglasses with the colour of your outfit (i.e. peach-coloured shades with a peach outfit is a big no-no.) Classic lenses and frames in black and brown work well with any outfit, and the right frame shape will make you look fashion-savvy and sophisticated.

3. Keep it Proportionate

5 Beauty secrets from the experts

Always carry a purse or handbag which is in proportion to your body size. Example: Very petite carry a small handbag not a large over powering handbag.

4. Which shoes suit your leg type?

5 Beauty secrets from the experts

If you have skinny legs, stay away from big shoes or shoes with thick heels. Thick shoes with skinny legs will make your legs look even skinnier and "twig" like. Thinner heels will make your legs look dainty in the good way. 

5. Choosing your colour 


5 Beauty secrets from the experts

Hold different colours scarfs against your face to see what colour works best for you. Some colours dull you down and some makes your eyes pop. Emerald green works well for me and compliments my skin tone. See what works for you.

For more inspirational ideas, tips and the best expert advice on women's well-being and beauty, visit Veet Beauty Secrets website. The cool part is that you also get an opportunity to share your own well-being and beauty secrets on their website. So go on, tap into their wealth of knowledge so that you can feel confident and stay feminine.

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