The Collective Wisdom of Obedient Christian Women

We all need inspiration. We need to see or read about other women living the Jesus way. We need to talk with people who’ve lived for a while and grappled with a range of topics and life passages.

To receive some of that wisdom, here is the Collective Wisdom of Obedient Christian Women. 
If I’ve done anything good, it’s because God did it through me. I’m now a better person, because of Him - Patti Labelle

Many people struggle because they argue with God. They don’t understand that our opinions don’t matter. God is always right, and His ways are higher than our ways. If God is going to use us, we have to agree with Him - Gloria Copeland

I’ve had ups and downs in my spiritual walk, but I’ve never felt tempted to leave Christ. When I’m having a rough time, having a Grammy doesn’t help me. But getting on my knees always does - Cece Winans


 I’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and God has been my Healer and Savior through every one of those experiences. That’s who He is to me. God has gotten me through many years of pain - Taffi Dollar

Trials and tribulations can destroy our faith, or make it stronger. So I would tell a woman in a tough situation, “Stop questioning God, and start trusting Him. He’ll rescue you - Cookie Johnson (Wife of Earvin “Magic” Johnson)

You can run around and listen to 40 people’s CDs, but if you don’t spend time with God (letting Him put that all together for you), you won’t grow - Joyce Meyer

Every one of us has asked at least one of these questions. But God’s love is not based on who we are, or what we accomplish. And it’s not about the things we’ve done right or wrong. God’s love is based on His goodness, not ours - Amy Grant

Many women are seeking position; however, they need to hunger and thirst after God. We must stop seeking fame and position and begin saying, “I want to know Him ... and the fellowship of His suffering." When you seek God, you do not need man’s approval. If you do what God has called you to do, you will be fulfilled - Pastor Darlene Bishop